Ch 5: Hazardous Waste Regulations & Policy

About This Chapter

Simplify your preparation for a test or quiz on hazardous waste regulations and policy by reviewing these short lessons. Boost your knowledge of federal and state hazardous waste regulations, specific biohazard waste disposal waste regulations and more.

Hazardous Waste Regulations & Policy - Chapter Summary

The engaging lessons in this chapter make it easy for you to strengthen your understanding of the regulations and policy associated with hazardous waste. Developed by top instructors, lessons provide in-depth information about regulations at the federal level and in several states. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing this chapter's resources anytime from your computer or mobile devices. When ready, find out how much you understand by taking self-assessment quizzes and a chapter exam. Taking these steps will ensure you understand the following:

  • Differences in how the federal government and state governments regulate hazardous waste
  • How hazardous waste is regulated by the EPA
  • Which regulations are in place for biohazard waste disposal
  • How California, Colorado and Florida regulate hazardous waste

7 Lessons in Chapter 5: Hazardous Waste Regulations & Policy
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Hazardous Waste Regulations

1. Hazardous Waste Regulations

Do you know who regulates hazardous waste when it comes to the healthcare field? This lesson will go over not only some of the entities and laws that pertain to this, but it will also explain why this regulation is important.

EPA Hazardous Waste Regulations

2. EPA Hazardous Waste Regulations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency operates with a mission of protecting the environment and the health of humans. This lesson will focus on the EPA's regulations for hazardous wastes.

Biohazard Waste Disposal Regulations

3. Biohazard Waste Disposal Regulations

How should a doctor's office dispose of a syringe that was used on a patient? How should a hospital dispose of blood-soaked bandages? Learn the answer to these questions, and other biohazard waste disposal regulations by reading this lesson!

California Hazardous Waste Regulations

4. California Hazardous Waste Regulations

What does the state of California define as hazardous waste and what are the regulations about it? Learn all about California hazardous waste regulations that help to keep the citizens of the state safe.

Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations

5. Colorado Hazardous Waste Regulations

There are many things that need to be disposed of but are harmful or potentially harmful to people or the environment. In this lesson, we will learn about the Colorado hazardous waste regulations.

Florida Hazardous Waste Regulations

6. Florida Hazardous Waste Regulations

Florida's hazardous waste regulations are composed of three programs: Permitting & Corrective Action, Program Development, and Compliance and Enforcement. Learn about these programs and other information regarding hazardous waste regulations in Florida.

Correct Disposal of Clinical Waste: Guidelines & Regulations

7. Correct Disposal of Clinical Waste: Guidelines & Regulations

It is very important for doctor's offices, hospitals, and other medical settings to properly dispose of their waste to help reduce the risk of causing accidental infections. Learn about the guidelines and regulations of clinical waste disposal.

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