Ch 13: High School Algebra: Complex and Imaginary Numbers

About This Chapter

Watch fun and engaging online video lessons and learn about the different aspects of complex and imaginary numbers. Complete your study of complex and imaginary numbers with self-assessment quizzes.

Complex and Imaginary Numbers - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Imaginary numbers are represented by 'i' when calculating the square root of -1. Complex numbers occur when imaginary numbers are combined with real numbers. Our instructors have been tasked with showing you why imaginary and complex numbers are important as well how to perform basic operations with them. Our video lessons are provided with supplementary quizzes that can be used to judge your progress when learning about complex and imaginary numbers. After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Subtract, multiply and add complex numbers
  • Graph complex numbers on a complex plane
  • Divide complex numbers and conjugates
  • Solve polynomials and quadratics with complex number solutions
  • Explain what it takes for imaginary numbers to be transformed into real numbers.

Video Objective
What is an Imaginary Number? Define what imaginary and complex numbers are. Also, explain their importance.
How to Add, Subtract and Multiply Complex Numbers Learn how to subtract, multiply and add complex numbers.
How to Divide Complex Numbers Describe how to divide complex numbers and conjugates.
How to Graph a Complex Number on the Complex Plane Demonstrate graphing complex numbers on a complex plane.
How to Solve Quadratics with Complex Numbers as the Solution Explain how to solve quadratics and polynomials that have solutions featuring complex numbers.

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