Ch 14: High School Algebra: Quadratic Equations

About This Chapter

Watch video lessons and learn about the different aspects of quadratic equations. Take the quizzes that follow each lesson to test your growing knowledge of quadratic equations.

Quadratic Equations - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

In this chapter, our instructor will help you to understand the definition of the quadratic equation and related terms. You will encounter lessons that teach you how to apply the quadratic equation to concepts in real life and when solving algebra programs. This chapter can help you understand the following:

  • Show how the quadratic equation can end up with two different answers
  • Use the multiplication property of zero and greatest common factor to solve quadratic equations
  • Apply the quadratic formula to answer quadratic equations
  • Solve non-standard quadratics
  • Factor into two binominals to solve inequalities

Video Objective
What is a Quadratic Equation? Define what a quadratic equation is and why they are important to algebra and real life.
How to Square Up Quadratics Demonstrate how and why quadratic equations can result in two different solutions.
Solving Quadratics by Assigning the Greatest Common Factor and Multiplication Property of Zero Explain how to assign the GCF and MPZ to solve quadratic equations.
How to Use the Quadratic Formula to Solve a Quadratic Equation Learn how to use the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations.
How to Solve Quadratics That Are Not in Standard Form Learn how to solve quadratics that aren't written in standard form.
Solving Quadratic Inequalities Using Two Binominals Solving inequalities via factoring into two binominals.

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