Ch 8: HiSET: Compounds & Chemical Bonds

About This Chapter

Check these videos on chemical bonds and compounds out to enhance your preparedness for the HiSET Science exam. Take the quizzes and test to get a feel for what you'll see on the real test.

HiSET: Compounds & Chemical Bonds - Chapter Summary

The lessons of this chapter focus on the interactions of chemicals at the molecular level. Explore how various elements interact with each other and why they act like they do. The topics you will study in this chapter include:

  • The relationships between elements, molecules, and compounds
  • Combining elements and compounds to create mixtures and solutions
  • Covalent, ionic, polar covalent, and hydrogen bonds

Each lesson includes an informative video lesson taught by one of our expert instructors, along with a print lesson transcript with key terms set in bold type. You will be treated to fun graphics and animation as you explore real-life examples of chemical interactions at work. The quizzes after each lesson and the chapter exam will help you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie: be sure to return to the lessons where you need more focus.

HiSET: Compounds & Chemical Bonds Chapter

The HiSET Science test is one of the five tests included in the HiSET high school equivalency exam series. The chemistry topics covered in this lesson fall in the Physical Science content category, which accounts for 29% of the overall science test. You will have 50 multiple-choice questions in the test and 80 minutes to answer them all. You will be scored on a scale of 1-20, with at least 8 points needed to pass and 15 to demonstrate college-readiness. As you review these lessons and increase your competence you can approach this test with less stress and more confidence.

Register for the HiSET and find testing locations near you online. You will not be allowed to take any note-taking material, notes, or digital devices into the testing center with you, so leave those at home: everything you will need to take the exam will be provided at the test center.

7 Lessons in Chapter 8: HiSET: Compounds & Chemical Bonds
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Understanding the Relationships between Elements, Molecules & Compounds

1. Understanding the Relationships between Elements, Molecules & Compounds

Everything on Earth is made of atoms, and sometimes they combine to form new groups of atoms. The sky is the limit when it comes to these combinations, which account for the vast number of things we find in our natural world.

Creating Mixtures by Combining Elements & Compounds

2. Creating Mixtures by Combining Elements & Compounds

Do you really know what's in your tap water? It's not just water - it's a mixture of many different things. In fact, most things are mixtures of different elements and compounds that are physically joined together.

Creating Solutions by Combining Elements & Compounds

3. Creating Solutions by Combining Elements & Compounds

When elements and compounds physically combine, we get mixtures. But sometimes we can't tell just by looking at something that it's a mixture because the components are so well mixed. When this happens, we have solutions.

Chemical Bonds I: Covalent

4. Chemical Bonds I: Covalent

Mom always said that sharing is caring. This lesson will explore how electrons affect the chemical reactivity of atoms and specifically the merits of sharing electrons.

Chemical Bonds II: Ionic

5. Chemical Bonds II: Ionic

Did you know that the scientific name for table salt is sodium chloride? Find out how sodium and chlorine atoms come together to form your favorite seasoning.

Chemical Bonds III: Polar Covalent

6. Chemical Bonds III: Polar Covalent

Are you confused about how you can tell what kind of bond two atoms will form? This lesson will help you understand the difference between polar and nonpolar covalent bonds as well as how to predict how two atoms will interact.

Chemical Bonds IV: Hydrogen

7. Chemical Bonds IV: Hydrogen

This lesson defines and discusses important concepts behind hydrogen bonding. You'll learn when and why these bonds occur and which atoms are often involved.

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