Ch 7: HiSET: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850)

About This Chapter

Get up to speed on U.S. history during the time of Andrew Jackson, with lessons on the Indian Removal Act and other presidents of this period. Take the test and lesson quizzes to see how well-prepared you are for the HiSET Social Studies test.

HiSET: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850) - Chapter Summary

In these interesting videos you get a good look at the U.S. in a turbulent period marked with disagreement between the states and the federal government and attempts to relocate or eradicate Native Americans from occupied lands. This is also the time when Alexis de Tocqueville spent some time in the U.S. and returned to France to publish a book on American politics and culture that is still a popular reference. During your studies in these lessons you will learn about:

  • The election and presidency of John Quincy Adams
  • Andrew Jackson's rise to the presidency
  • Conflict and debate about states' rights
  • The Trail of Tears and other events surrounding the Indian Removal Act
  • Tocqueville's Democracy in America
  • A brief history of presidents Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison

The videos and lecture transcripts in this chapter are designed to get you prepared for the HiSET Social Studies test. The lessons are brief, usually less than 10 minute long, but informative, with memorable graphics to help you recall the information while testing. As you take the lesson quizzes and end-of-chapter exam you will gain valuable experience answering the kinds of questions you will see during the real HiSET examination.

HiSET: Jacksonian Democracy (1825-1850) Chapter

The HiSET high school equivalency exam is a five-test examination series. The Social Studies test has 50 multiple-choice questions which you will have 70 minutes to answer. The material covered in this chapter will generally fall in the History content category, which accounts for 38% of the overall test. To pass the test, you will need to get 8 out of 20 possible points on their scoring scale; 15 of 20 demonstrates college-readiness in this particular area. You will receive your score reports for this test in 3-5 days. Our goal is to maximize your readiness for the test so that you can boost your score.

Registration is completed on the HiSET website, where you can also find testing locations and dates. On test day you will not be allowed to take any note-taking material or digital devices into the testing center with you, so be sure to leave those home. Do spend time reviewing our lessons here so you are armed with great mental images and historical background.

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