Ch 45: HiSET: Scientific Revolution & the Enlightenment (1500-1790)

About This Chapter

The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment (1500-1790) chapter can help you as you prepare to pass the social studies subtest of the HiSET examination. Discover facts about the leaders, cultures and major scientific advances of these periods in history.

HiSET Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment (1500-1790) - Chapter Summary

This chapter was designed to present you with the information and ideas you'll find on the social studies subtest of the HiSET examination. Use the chapter's video lessons to prepare you to answer the questions you'll find on the examination. Learn about the views of the Enlightenment thinkers and discover the new ideas of Paracelsus and Andreas Vesalius. This chapter can help you to:

  • Understand major breakthroughs in chemistry and medicine as well as the timeline of the Scientific Revolution
  • Discuss enlightened despotism and enlightened absolutism
  • Learn about political reforms in 18th-century Britain
  • Examine the causes and effects of the American Revolution

These short animated video lessons were created to make learning fun. They are led by instructors who are very knowledgeable about social studies. Submit any of your questions about the material to instructors, or refer to the corresponding written transcripts. You may also use the video tags to go to specific parts of the video and re-watch them. Lesson quizzes and a chapter examination are included to test your retention.

HiSET - Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment (1500 - 1790) Objectives

On the social studies subtest of the HiSET examination, you'll demonstrate your knowledge of the topic in this chapter as well as other history topics and political science, anthropology, economics and psychology subjects. The process of taking this chapter's quizzes and examination can familiarize you with the kind of material you'll find on the HiSET Social Studies' history portion, which encompasses about 38% of the questions on the exam.

When taking the social studies subtest of the HiSET examination, you'll answer 50 multiple-choice questions. You may be required to judge the validity of sources or make the distinction between fact and fiction. The HiSET Social Studies exam takes about 70 minutes to complete.

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