Ch 14: Historical & Contemporary Issues & Perspectives

About This Chapter

Analyze differing perspectives on contemporary issues with these informative lessons. This study resource helps you summarize various societal issues and understand how different sides perceive them.

Historical & Contemporary Issues & Perspectives - Chapter Summary

These convenient lessons provide a thorough overview of differing viewpoints for several contemporary political, environmental and social issues. You'll begin the chapter by examining the way historical theories impact the way we interpret the past. As you move through these lessons, you'll compare and contrast different perspectives regarding issues such as global sustainability, air pollution, sexual controversies and the need for government. After finishing the lessons in this chapter, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how historical theories affect interpretations of the past
  • Assess the ongoing debate regarding the necessity of government
  • Analyze different viewpoints on global sustainability
  • Know how developed and developing countries differ in terms of air pollution control
  • Compare differing viewpoints regarding sexual controversies in society

These comprehensive yet simple lessons highlight the most important information related to these issues and offer concise summaries of each viewpoint. Our expert instructors break down important definitions and concepts using an engaging and straightforward teaching style. You can make sure you fully understand these contemporary issues by taking the short self-assessment quizzes that follow each lesson. Lesson transcripts are available to supplement your study, and you can quickly jump to specific topics using your course Dashboard. To make your studying experience easy and flexible, we've made these resources available at any time and accessible on any computer or mobile device.

5 Lessons in Chapter 14: Historical & Contemporary Issues & Perspectives
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How Historical Theories Affect Interpretations of the Past

1. How Historical Theories Affect Interpretations of the Past

Unlike scientists looking for a theory of everything, historians know that there are many different theories to explain the past. This lesson shows how different theories work together to help provide historians with the best view possible.

Is Government Necessary? - The Ongoing Debate

2. Is Government Necessary? - The Ongoing Debate

Is government really necessary? This is a tough question, and the basis of some pretty heated arguments. Explore various opinions and test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Differing Viewpoints on Global Sustainability

3. Differing Viewpoints on Global Sustainability

The following lesson will define the issue of the Earth's limited capacity to support a growing global population and the differing viewpoints as to how it can be solved. A short quiz will follow the lesson to check for your understanding.

Controlling Air Pollution: How Developed & Developing Nations Differ

4. Controlling Air Pollution: How Developed & Developing Nations Differ

In this lesson, you will learn how air pollution is controlled in developed and developing nations. You will also learn about the U.S. Clean Air Act and how it has evolved over the years to address air pollution in the United States.

Sexual Controversies in Society: Differing Viewpoints

5. Sexual Controversies in Society: Differing Viewpoints

Views of sexuality differ by person and by culture, which can cause difference in opinion on many sexual controversies. This lesson covers several of those debates, including teen pregnancy, birth control, pornography, and prostitution.

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