Ch 19: History of Pennsylvania

About This Chapter

You can learn about the history of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania by reviewing the lessons included in this chapter. Review major people and events in the state's history from before European colonization to the current day.

History of Pennsylvania - Chapter Summary

Learn more about the history of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with the helpful lessons you can find here. These lessons provide you with comprehensive information on key topics related to Pennsylvania's history, including the founding the the state and its government. Review historical sites like Gettysburg and Philadelphia and see notable figures associated with this state. Each lesson has been constructed by an instructor who has specific expertise in these historical areas. Use this chapter to learn more about:

  • Facts and history of the state of Pennsylvania
  • The Pennsylvania state constitution
  • Benjamin Franklin and his inventions
  • Historical sites in Pennsylvania, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Point State Park and Fort Pitt Block House
  • History of various ethnic groups that lived in Pennsylvania prior to 1824, including Native Americans, African Americans, Irish, Germans, Scottish and Swedes
  • Structure and functions of the Pennsylvania state government

This chapter also contains practice quizzes and a final exam that help you test your understanding of Pennsylvania's history after you have completed all of the lessons. If you would like more information on specific points on this subject, the chapter offers you the ability to message the lesson instructors directly. You can also use your personal Dashboard to see how much progress you have made as you go through the chapter.

8 Lessons in Chapter 19: History of Pennsylvania
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State of Pennsylvania: Facts, History & Information

1. State of Pennsylvania: Facts, History & Information

This lesson provides a brief overview of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We will recount Pennsylvania's history from before European colonization through the twentieth century and review some basic facts and points of interest about the state as it exists today.

Pennsylvania State Constitution of 1776

2. Pennsylvania State Constitution of 1776

In this lesson we explore the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776. With its writing coinciding with the Declaration of Independence and the first years of the revolution, the document is considered one of the most democratic constitutions of all time.

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions: Timeline & Concept

3. Benjamin Franklin's Inventions: Timeline & Concept

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most recognizable names in United States history. Some of his best known work was as a scientist and signer of the declaration of independence. Learn more about Benjamin Franklin and test your understanding through a quiz.

Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Pittsburgh

4. Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a lot of history. In this lesson, we'll explore some of the city's most famous historical sites and see how this major urban center has contributed to the nation's history.

Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Gettysburg

5. Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Gettysburg

Gettysburg is one of the most visited sites in America, and for good reason. In this lesson, we'll review some of the major historical sites of Gettysburg and discuss their role in America's national history.

Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Philadelphia

6. Pennsylvania Historical Sites: Philadelphia

Few cities have had as large an impact on American history as Philadelphia. In this lesson, we'll prepare for your next Philly road trip by reviewing some of the city's top historical sites.

Pennsylvania Ethnic Groups

7. Pennsylvania Ethnic Groups

The state of Pennsylvania has a long history in the United States, which is reflected in its demographic composition. In this lesson, we'll talk about ethnicity in Pennsylvania and see what this reveals about the state today.

Pennsylvania State Government

8. Pennsylvania State Government

Pennsylvania has its own local government that is in charge of all matters within the commonwealth. In this lesson, we'll explore that government and see how Pennsylvania functions on a daily basis.

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