Ch 26: History Resources

About This Chapter

This chapter serves to provide supplementary resources for history learners, including explanations of why and how to study history, numerous ideas for history-based activities and history project ideas.

History Resources - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

There are many reasons students should study history. The articles in this chapter serve as resources to help you understand the importance of history studies, as well as ideas for commemorating history. You will be presented with resources related to different topics, including:

  • Benefits of studying history
  • Techniques for history studies
  • Activities to commemorate historic events and themes
  • History project ideas
  • Classroom decorating designs

Article Objective
Why Study History? Learn the importance of studying history.
How to Study for US History Explore different methods you can employ to study history.
Why Study Black History? Understand the importance of knowing black history.
Black History Month Activities Review creative activities you can do during Black History Month.
Black History Month for Kids Examine ways to celebrate Black History Month with children.
Ideas for Black History Month Projects Discover projects that are relevant during Black History Month.
Black History Bulletin Board Ideas Investigate ideas for decorating your bulletin board for Black History Month.
National History Day Projects Discover projects you can use to mark National History Day.

12 Lessons in Chapter 26: History Resources
Why Study History?

1. Why Study History?

Examining the past through the study of history can provide you with an informed perspective on modern events. This article provides some reasons to study history as well as links to popular history courses offered by

How to Study for US History

2. How to Study for US History

Studying history involves a lot of memorization of names, dates and events. Read on to gain valuable insight into making your studying more successful.

Why Study Black History?

3. Why Study Black History?

There is much debate over the necessity of studying African American history, particularly as a separate subject. Keep reading to learn more about why black history is studied, and where to find resources to advance your own knowledge.

Black History Month Activities

4. Black History Month Activities

February is Black History Month, and there are a number of notable figures and eras in African American history to study in celebration. Keep reading to find a variety of educational black history activities.

Black History Month for Kids

5. Black History Month for Kids

Black History Month is a time to celebrate African American achievement, and recognize the sometimes-overlooked struggles of the black community throughout history. Keep reading to find suggestions of how to engage kids in the commemoration of Black History Month.

Ideas for Black History Month Projects

6. Ideas for Black History Month Projects

February is Black History Month, and makes a perfect time to start a class project. Here are some ideas for students and teachers to use as the month approaches.

Black History Bulletin Board Ideas

7. Black History Bulletin Board Ideas

Creating African American history bulletin boards is a stimulating and informative way to honor Black History Month. Keep reading to find inspiration for your board and resources for learning more about African American history.

National History Day Projects

8. National History Day Projects

The National History Day Contest is the culmination of middle and high school student research on a topic of their choice. Keep reading to learn what a National History Day project might look like and get examples of previous winners.

Memorial Day History Facts

9. Memorial Day History Facts

While Memorial Day is observed as a federal holiday all across America, few know much about the history and origin of the day. Read on to learn historical facts about the tradition and celebration of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Activities

10. Memorial Day Activities

Below, find examples of Memorial Day activities for both inside and outside the classroom. These activities include ideas to connect students with historical celebrations of Memorial Day, as well as those that will acknowledge and honor their own personal ties to military service.

Ancient History Documentaries

11. Ancient History Documentaries

You can get information about documentaries dealing with ancient history in this article. You'll find documentaries that cover a variety of locations, as well as some additional resources for your classroom.

Women's History Month

12. Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month in the United States! Keep reading to learn how the tradition of Women's History Month got started, and find activities to help you celebrate the important legacies left by American women throughout history.

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