Ch 1: History & Types of Pharmacology

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This entertaining chapter offers a comprehensive overview of the history and types of pharmacology. Fun lessons, multiple-choice quizzes and other study resources can boost your knowledge of pharmacology while helping you complete an assignment, study for a test or excel on the job.

History & Types of Pharmacology - Chapter Summary

Get to know the history and types of pharmacology with help from this chapter's top instructors. They have created engaging lessons you can access 24/7 to gain greater insight into pharmaceutical drugs, psychopharmacology, quantitative pharmacology, the pharmacology of antibiotics and more. Study these lessons at your own pace, and take their accompanying quizzes to gauge your comprehension of their contents. Any questions that you think of while exploring this chapter can be submitted to our experts. When finished, you will be able to:

  • Define and discuss the principles of pharmacology
  • Detail the history of pharmacological therapy
  • Compare and contrast biochemistry and pharmacology
  • Explain the history of pharmacology
  • Differentiate between pharmacology and pharmacy
  • Describe differences between pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Share the definitions of in vitro and translational pharmacology
  • Discuss the strategy for reverse pharmacology

9 Lessons in Chapter 1: History & Types of Pharmacology
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What Is Pharmacology? - Definition & Principles

1. What Is Pharmacology? - Definition & Principles

This lesson defines pharmacology and describes two areas of study within pharmacology that are concerned with how the body handles a drug and what a drug does to the body. Take a short quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

Pharmaceutical Drugs: Definition & Types

2. Pharmaceutical Drugs: Definition & Types

Did you know that pharmaceutical drugs is just a fancy term for something you already know and have probably used? This lesson defines the term and then gives you various examples of the types of pharmaceutical drugs we use in medicine.

Pharmacological Therapy: Definition & History

3. Pharmacological Therapy: Definition & History

Who is the father of pharmacological therapy? What challenges do doctors face with pharmaceuticals today? Learn more about the history, regulations, and types of pharmacological therapy in this lesson.

Biochemistry vs. Pharmacology

4. Biochemistry vs. Pharmacology

This lesson is going to define biochemistry and then define pharmacology. Then you'll learn how the two are connected and how they are different as well.

History of Pharmacology

5. History of Pharmacology

Pharmacology and its very basic concepts go back a very long way. However, it wasn't until surprisingly relatively recently that this field took true scientific root. Find out when this happened in this lesson.

Pharmacology vs Pharmacy

6. Pharmacology vs Pharmacy

This lesson will offer a brief history of pharmacology and pharmacy, and define important terminology such as pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacy, toxicology, and posology.

Psychopharmacology: Definition & History

7. Psychopharmacology: Definition & History

The field of psychopharmacology helps us understand how prescription drugs, legal drugs, and illegal drugs change behavior in predictable ways. This lesson will give you an overview and history the field of psychopharmacology.

Pharmacokinetics vs. Pharmacodynamics

8. Pharmacokinetics vs. Pharmacodynamics

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are the studies of the interactions between the body and a drug. This lesson will explore the difference between the two and some key concepts within each one while using common medications as examples.

The Pharmacology of Antibiotics

9. The Pharmacology of Antibiotics

Have you ever wondered how antibiotics help you recover from bacterial infections? It's not magic, it's an actual process. This lesson goes over several examples of some of the pharmacology behind many groups of antibiotics.

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