Homeschool Laws by State


Homeschooling in Alabama

Explore the homeschooling options available in Alabama. Learn more about the laws regulating homeschooling and discover some useful tools to improve your child's home education.

Homeschooling in Alaska

You can learn about the regulations for homeschooling in Alaska with this article. Check out your options for teaching your child at home and find some great educational tips.

Homeschooling in Arizona

Homeschooling is an option for families desiring an alternative to public or private education, whether for moral, religious, or academic reasons. Beginning the homeschool journey, however, can be a daunting experience. Read on to get the information you'll need to start homeschooling your child in the Grand Canyon State.

Homeschooling in Arkansas

Find out how to homeschool in Arkansas with this article. You can get familiar with state regulations, learn what you need to teach and get access to helpful educational tools.

Homeschooling in California

Some families opt to have more of a say in their children's education. For this reason, homeschooling is an alternative to public education. Whatever a family's reasons are, understanding the laws and regulations pertaining to homeschooling can be an overwhelming task. Read on for more information on homeschooling in the Golden State.

Colorado Homeschool Laws

If you live in Colorado and are interested in educating your child at home, the following article is for you! Below is an outline of the rules, regulations, and curriculum standards for homeschooling your child in the state of Colorado.

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Homeschool Laws by State

As the K12 homeschool trend increases in populations across the United States, more parents than ever before are trying to work out how they can incorporate a homeschool program into family life.

One of the wonderful aspects of homeschooling lies in the diversity of family's reasons for choosing this path, and the multitude of ways that families institute a homeschool program in their household. However, no matter the difference between families' reasons for homeschooling, what a typical day looks like or what homeschooling program a family uses, there are certain state laws that everyone must abide by.

Navigating the laws and regulations of homeschooling in your state can be intimidating, especially to parents who are just making the decision to homeschool. However, the information in this section of the resource collection summarizes the most important homeschool laws in your state.

As you are researching the homeschool option, it is important to consider what your responsibilities are to your local education authority and state government, if any, with regards to the education of your children. Here you can get information that covers everything from bureaucratic requirements to courses that must be taught to state testing requirements. Each page offers an overview, supplemented by more detailed state requirements at the bottom of each page. This will take you to a comprehensive overview that answers additional questions you might have. The information on these pages overviews laws relevant to students of all ages.

Once you know the laws regulating homeschooling in your state, the next step is to select a homeschool curriculum that will work for your family. Today, more families than ever are incorporating online educational tools into their curriculum. offers a comprehensive online homeschool program for students in grades 3-12. This program will help parents meet the state requirements and prepare students for any standardized tests and exams that are required either by the state or to achieve individual academic goals. The curriculum features unit and lesson breakdowns with targeted goals for each. Lessons are primarily video based, with a text transcript for those who prefer to read information, and each one features a short quiz at the end. Access your account, saved courses and all the other great study tools we have to offer both on the web and in our handy mobile app. Don't forget to check out what other families think of's homeschool platform!

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