Ch 12: Hospitality Marketing & Technology

About This Chapter

In today's business world, marketing strategies invariably include online and other technological tools. It is important for current or aspiring marketers to understand how to use these tools. These lessons help you understand the use of technology in hospitality marketing as you prepare for an exam or seek to increase your professional knowledge.

Hospitality Marketing & Technology - Chapter Summary

Refer to the video and text lessons in this chapter to increase your understanding of marketing technologies used in the hospitality industry. You'll discover how database, direct and online marketing technologies work, and you'll even explore social media marketing. Mark your progress through this chapter using your Dashboard, and take self-assessment quizzes to demonstrate what you have retained from the lessons and which topics, if any, you need to continue reviewing. After your study of this chapter is complete, you should be able to:

  • Describe the structure of databases
  • Discuss how database marketing is used in the hospitality industry
  • Relate aspects and give examples of direct and online marketing
  • List steps leading to effective social media marketing strategies
  • Detail how the hospitality and tourism industries have successfully utilized online and other marketing technologies

6 Lessons in Chapter 12: Hospitality Marketing & Technology
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Database Concepts and Structures: The Elements That Make Up a Database

1. Database Concepts and Structures: The Elements That Make Up a Database

Learn the fundamental elements of databases and how they are structured. One common data structure is a database table, which uses records and fields to organize data.

Database Marketing for Hospitality

2. Database Marketing for Hospitality

Database marketing for hospitality allows the industry to gain important information about customers. In this lesson, we'll discuss database marketing, data utilization in hospitality, direct marketing, and revenue management.

What is Direct Marketing? - Definition, Concepts & Examples

3. What is Direct Marketing? - Definition, Concepts & Examples

Direct marketing is a very effective and powerful way to share information about a product or service. This lesson will discuss what direct marketing is and what concepts are important in direct marketing and also give examples.

What is Online Marketing? - Definition & Benefits Over Print

4. What is Online Marketing? - Definition & Benefits Over Print

The advertising world has gone digital, and more businesses are turning to online marketing instead of traditional print advertising to get their message across. But what are the benefits of this change? In this lesson, we'll learn what online marketing is and why business owners are choosing it over print.

Social Media Marketing: Description & Strategy

5. Social Media Marketing: Description & Strategy

Social media marketing allows a company to promote their business through different online marketing platforms. There are five easy steps that can help develop a strong social media strategy.

Technology & Hospitality Marketing: Databases & the Internet

6. Technology & Hospitality Marketing: Databases & the Internet

New technologies and Internet features have created additional marketing opportunities for the hospitality and tourism industry. In this lesson, you'll learn more about new tools that take advantage of these technologies.

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