Ch 1: How Leadership Affects Organizational Change

About This Chapter

Check out this comprehensive business chapter to learn about the effect of leadership on organizational change. The chapter's mobile-friendly lessons and quizzes can function as convenient textbook supplements, homework help tools and test preparation resources.

How Leadership Affects Organizational Change - Chapter Summary

Check out this self-guided business chapter to see how leadership can affect organizational change. Through a series of short and simple lessons, our instructors break down several leadership roles, characteristics and styles. Included in this chapter are short self-assessment quizzes and printable transcripts. Revisit the lessons whenever you need to refresh your knowledge of these topics, and don't hesitate to reach out to our instructors if you have any questions. When you're finished with the chapter, you'll be equipped to:

  • Discuss the role of leaders in organizations
  • Differentiate between leadership and management
  • Recognize effective leadership qualities and characteristics
  • Explain the differences between formal and informal leadership
  • Discuss the role of change agents
  • Use strategies to become an an effective leader

7 Lessons in Chapter 1: How Leadership Affects Organizational Change
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Leadership: Leaders & Their Role in Organizations

1. Leadership: Leaders & Their Role in Organizations

Leadership is the action of leading employees to achieve goals. It plays an important role in employee performance and productivity. Learn about how leaders influence employee behavior in this lesson.

Management vs. Leadership: The Difference Between a Manager & Leader

2. Management vs. Leadership: The Difference Between a Manager & Leader

Are all managers leaders? Are all leaders managers? This lesson presents arguments that place a manager and a leader into two separate categories, each with their own defining characteristics.

Qualities of Effective Leadership

3. Qualities of Effective Leadership

Effective leadership takes effort, commitment, and a passion for the success of others. In this lesson, the seven qualities to be an effective leader are discussed. By implementing these steps, you too can be an effective leader.

Formal Leadership: Definition & Explanation

4. Formal Leadership: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, you'll learn what formal leadership is, including its key concepts. You'll have an opportunity to take a short quiz after the lesson to reinforce your knowledge.

Informal Leadership: Definition & Explanation

5. Informal Leadership: Definition & Explanation

Have you ever had a job where, even though you weren't a manager or supervisor, your co-workers looked to you to solve day-to-day problems as they came up? If so, then you're already familiar with informal leadership. This lesson defines informal leadership and gives an example.

Change Agent: Definition & Role

6. Change Agent: Definition & Role

Change agents can be vital to struggling organizations, helping them get back on track by adapting to a changing environment. In this lesson, you well learn what a change agent is and the change agent's role. A short quiz will follow the lesson.

Becoming an Effective Leader: Characteristics & Strategies

7. Becoming an Effective Leader: Characteristics & Strategies

After completing this lesson, you'll know what it takes to be an effective leader versus an effective manager. You'll also learn some strategies you can employ to become that effective leader.

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