Ch 2: How Professionalism Impacts the Workplace

About This Chapter

Help your employees identify some key reasons professionalism is important in the workplace with our short and engaging video lessons. This chapter teaches employees about the advantages of workplace professionalism, ways to remain professional under pressure and methods for presenting a professional image.

How Professionalism Impacts the Workplace - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, your employees will get a firsthand look at the many benefits that result from workplace professionalism, such as a higher success rate and sense of fairness. Our professional instructors help your employees learn about the following concepts:

  • Employee motivation, improved client relationships and other benefits of workplace professionalism
  • Strategies to maintain professionalism while under pressure or during conflicts
  • Ways to exhibit professionalism in the workplace and avoid an unprofessional image
  • Methods for maintaining professionalism in workplace communications
  • Importance of keeping emotional baggage away from the workplace

Our video lessons are taught by subject-matter experts who bring workplace professionalism concepts to life through graphics, illustrations and animations. These flexible lessons can be watched anywhere that's convenient for your employees, including on the go or as a part of your company's corporate training program. Employees can take quizzes after each lesson to gauge comprehension of critical concepts, and you can check their understanding with the final exam.

How It Helps

  • Improves understanding: These lessons teach the value of professionalism in the workplace, helping employees understand the reasons for carrying out these principles and how they can benefit.
  • Provides a starting point: Employees are introduced to workplace professionalism methods they can immediately implement into their work lives and build on as they become more knowledgeable.
  • Enhances the workplace environment: Employees who learn to keep emotional baggage, moods or unprofessional views out of the workplace can contribute to a more positive, healthy workplace.

Skills Covered

After watching all the lessons in this chapter, employees will be able to:

  • Illustrate the various advantages and positive impacts that result from a professional work environment
  • Implement strategies for maintaining professionalism during difficult or stressful moments
  • Present a professional image while at work
  • Maintain professionalism in e-mails, conference calls and other workplace communications
  • Understand how critical it is to leave emotional baggage at home

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The Importance of Professionalism in the Workplace
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