How Works for Homeschooling

How to Handle Homeschooling Children of Different Ages

Homeschooling is hard enough as it is, but balancing the needs of children of different ages makes the challenge all the more difficult. This blog post offers suggestions for how you can succeed when homeschooling your entire family. for Homeschool

Learn how can be used as your complete homeschool curriculum. We have homeschool resources for middle school and high school, including courses in math, English, science, and social studies as well as a wide array of electives.'s fun video lessons keep students engaged and motivated to keep learning.

Scholarships for Homeschoolers

College-bound homeschooled students are typically offered the same opportunities to apply for scholarships as traditionally-schooled students. Learn about some of the scholarships specifically offered to homeschoolers and identify resources to help students apply for them.

How do Homeschoolers Apply to College?

Homeschool students interested in attending college should ensure that they fulfill all application requirements, including the development of a transcript, completion of standardized tests, and submission of an essay and letters of recommendation.

What is is a flexible, comprehensive online learning platform used by people of all ages to take fun, engaging courses and improve their education. Use to homeschool, to prepare for a test, to earn transferable college credit, to research schools and degrees and to help you achieve your professional aspirations.

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How Works for Homeschooling

With the growing popularity of homeschooling there are more options for homeschool programs than ever before. Families use different print and online curriculums, co-ops and community resources (such as extracurriculars or programs offered through a local community college) to help give their children a well-rounded education.

Inevitably, with the uniquitous rise of the internet in everyday life, the use of online homeschooling programs has increasingly grown in popularity. Not only are online programs flexible and informative, but they also allow students to develop technological literacy, an important skill in the modern age.

In this section of the resource collection you will find out more about what is, who it is made for and how to use the range of tools and programs we offer to achieve your academic goals. Whether you are homeschooling young children or you plan to homeschool high school students that are soon to head off to college, this comprehensive platform will not only help your child to learn, but also enable you to save money - for example, in reducing the burden of college debt through earning real, transferable college credit. Be sure to browse through these helpful resources for advice on how to incorporate's full curriculum into your homeschooling routine.

Learn how to use our scheduling and course selection tools to organize your typical homeschool day, taking into consideration the age and individual needs of your child and your family routines. In planning for the longer term, this resource also includes a section for incorporating dual enrollment, enabling your child to graduate high school classes while simultaneously earning college credit, getting a head start and dramatically reducing costs. And for more on this, be sure to browse through the section of resources devoted to college guidance. is designed for students in grades 3-12 and includes everything your child might need for a well-rounded education. With a single membership, students can choose from our incredible array of courses, ensuring that each family can adapt the platform to suit their needs. Lessons are created by experts in their field and are designed to be engaging, thought provoking and comprehensive. Video lessons include text transcripts, animated videos and quizzes. With all age groups, the goal is to have students be self-directed learners using the online curriculum. Each student also has access to live instructor support where they can ask questions and receive feedback. Explore for yourself how for homeschool can make a great foundation for your online homeschool curriculum. For more information on why parents choose and what they think of the program, take a look at these testimonials.

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