Ch 2: How to Use Positive Influence at Work

About This Chapter

An individual's influence in the workplace can have both a positive and negative impact on others, depending on how it's used. The lessons in this chapter are designed to guide your employees toward the use of positive influences in workplace situations.

How to Use Positive Influence at Work - Chapter Summary

This chapter offers fun lessons you can use to help shift the employee interactions in your company. Show your employees videos on positive influences in the workplace. They're designed to teach:

  • The characteristics of positive work environments
  • Tips for being a positive influence in the workplace
  • What managers can do to positively influence employees
  • Strategies for overcoming negative influences at work
  • Ethics of workplace influence

This chapter's lessons average about 5 minutes in length. They can serve as a brief, yet highly effective corporate training tool for busy employees. Show the videos in training sessions, or allow employees to watch them individually, then have them take self-assessment quizzes to determine their comprehension of the lessons.

How It Helps

  • Strengthens coworker relationships: Employees learn the value of positive work relationships, as well as strategies for becoming positive influences on one another, helping to strengthen their relationships.
  • Improves work environment: As employees discover how to positively influence one another and learn to avoid negative influences that include gossiping and shifting blame, the overall work environment can improve.
  • Creates responsible leaders: The lessons help managers and employees with the ability to influence others best utilize related strategies, encouraging them to become responsible leaders in the company.

Skills Covered

Once employees have reviewed the lessons, they will be ready to:

  • Identify the characteristics of a positive work environment, including open communication and community spirit
  • List and describe the steps required to be a positive influence in the workplace
  • Examine the plan of action a manager can create to positively influence employees
  • Discuss negative influences and ways employees can overcome them on the job
  • Describe the ethics associated with influence in the workplace

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