Ch 3: HSPT Test: Understanding Real Numbers

About This Chapter

The purpose of this chapter's text and video lessons is to help your eighth-grade student understand real numbers and prepare for math questions on the HSPT test. Several chapter quizzes will test your students' knowledge of related concepts.

HSPT Test: Understanding Real Numbers - Chapter Summary

Your eighth-grade student can qualify for Catholic high school admission and certain scholarships based upon his or her performance on the HSPT test. This chapter on real numbers is designed to increase your students' comprehension so that it'll be possible to ace questions on the mathematics portion of the test. Accessible online, it includes text and video lessons that teach procedures for finding and plotting whole numbers, drawing a number line and identifying points on a number line. Your student can gradually discover the differences between rational and irrational numbers, and learn to recognize counting numbers. After working through this chapter, your student might be able to:

  • Identify different forms of numbers
  • Understand the properties of real numbers
  • Describe the parts of a number line and use it to compare whole numbers, decimals and fractions
  • Give examples of counting numbers

Our teachers guide your student in understanding real numbers. Animated and fun, the chapter's online text and video lessons can complement your student's classroom mathematics education. Complete with graphics, navigational video tags and written transcripts, they can be watched 24/7 on a mobile device or a wired desktop computer. Allow your child to take the self-assessment quizzes more than once if necessary as the material is mastered. The correct quiz results can be printed out for further study.

HSPT Test: Understanding Real Numbers Chapter Objectives

The 2.5-hour-long HSPT test is made up of five sections, and it has 298 multiple-choice questions overall. Comprised of 64 multiple-choice questions, the Mathematics section tests your student's ability to solve problems and evaluate his or her knowledge of basic arithmetic and geometry. Questions on real numbers will also be included on this section of the test, which has a 45-minute time limit. The test doesn't have a passing or failing score, but Catholic high schools set their own satisfactory scores for incoming students.

5 Lessons in Chapter 3: HSPT Test: Understanding Real Numbers
Test your knowledge with a 30-question chapter practice test
What are the Different Types of Numbers?

1. What are the Different Types of Numbers?

Learn all of the different types of numbers: natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and real numbers. This video lesson teaches you how to classify any numbers you come across.

What are Real Numbers? - Definition & Properties

2. What are Real Numbers? - Definition & Properties

There are many definitions of real numbers, but they all lead to the same conclusion. Real numbers are numbers that have a measurable value. Learn more about real numbers with some examples and a quiz to test your knowledge.

What Is a Number Line?

3. What Is a Number Line?

A number line is a visual representation of all real numbers. In this lesson, we'll learn how to identify points on a number line. We'll also practice addition and subtraction, letting the number line do all the hard work.

Using the Number Line to Compare Decimals, Fractions, and Whole Numbers

4. Using the Number Line to Compare Decimals, Fractions, and Whole Numbers

Watch this video lesson to learn how useful the number line can be when you need to compare two different numbers, be they whole numbers, decimals or even fractions. Learn how to plot these numbers on the number line so you can compare them.

Counting Numbers: Definition & Examples

5. Counting Numbers: Definition & Examples

In this lesson, discover the counting numbers (also called natural numbers and positive integers). Explore the many everyday ways we use counting numbers in our lives.

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