Ch 14: Human Body Systems: Functions & Processes

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Human Body Systems: Functions & Processes - Chapter Summary

We've made it easy to understand the functions and processes of human body systems with help from this professionally written chapter. Here you'll study the different systems of the human body and the parts of the human circulatory system. After finishing this chapter, you should be ready to:

  • Identify the human body systems
  • Explain how nutrients are transported in the body
  • Outline the parts and functions of the human circulatory system
  • Detail the processes and actions of the skeletal system
  • Provide an overview of human reproduction
  • Define homeostasis in the human body

Take your time and feel free to go back as many times as needed to review these lessons again. It's easy to see how well you've grasped these concepts by answering the multiple-choice questions on the self-assessment quizzes and chapter tests. If you still have questions, submit them through the Dashboard for one of our subject experts to answer.

6 Lessons in Chapter 14: Human Body Systems: Functions & Processes
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What are the Human Body Systems?

1. What are the Human Body Systems?

There are ten organ systems in your body that each have different functions, and they all must work together to keep you alive and healthy. In this lesson, you'll learn about each of these body systems, both what they do and which organs they contain.

How are Nutrients Transported Around the Body?

2. How are Nutrients Transported Around the Body?

There are specific steps involved in nutrient transportation to ensure that your body gets what it needs to function properly. This lesson explores how nutrients are transported throughout your body.

The Human Circulatory System: Parts and Functions

3. The Human Circulatory System: Parts and Functions

In this lesson, you will take a ride on the transportation system of the body called the circulatory system and its two parts: the pulmonary circuit and the systemic circuit. Take a look inside and see how every inch of your body receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Actions & Processes of the Skeletal System

4. Actions & Processes of the Skeletal System

Although you may think of your skeleton as just a scaffold for your body, today you'll be learning about many other important functions of the skeleton. From creating muscle movement to developing your immune system and cells in the cardiovascular system, the skeleton is far more than just a sturdy frame.

Overview of Human Reproduction

5. Overview of Human Reproduction

This lesson will provide a general overview of the process of human reproduction. We will cover the basics starting from the point of fertilization through the point of birth.

Homeostasis in the Human Body

6. Homeostasis in the Human Body

Homeostasis is the term we use to describe the reasonably stable internal environment of your body. Learn how parts of your body communicate with each other to maintain this state of homeostasis, and how negative feedback loops work.

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