Ch 6: Human Growth and Development in Counseling

About This Chapter

Watch online video lessons about psychology and learn about the developmental theories associated with Piaget, Erikson, Freud, Gilligan and more. Take the quizzes that follow each lesson to test your knowledge of human growth and development in counseling.

Human Growth and Development in Counseling - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Use this chapter to discover theories explaining our cognitive, social and spiritual development and find out how they've changed over the years to address the life experiences of a diverse client base. You can also learn how counselors put these theories to use in their own practices. This chapter is designed to teach you:

  • Early human development theories
  • Theories of moral and psychosocial development
  • Developmental theories centered on adults and the elderly
  • Influences of the women's movement and spiritual developmentalists

Video Objective
Pioneers in Human Development Theory: Freud, Piaget & Jung Explain how early theories by Freud and others focused on the biological development of children and adolescents. Contrast this approach with Piaget's and Jung's focus on cognitive and life span development.
Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development Examine the role of Erik Erikson's eight stages of human development in counseling.
Kohlberg's Theories of Moral Development Discus Kohlberg's theories of moral development, the changes made to his model over the course of his career and the ways in which his work has influenced counseling.
Adult and Older Adult Development Theories Outline advances in adult and older adult developmental theory. Survey the works of Levinson, Perry and Gould. Explain the implications of Jung's writings for counseling among older adults.
Feminist Development Theory Explore the influence of the women's movement on counseling theory. Examine the works of Gilligan, Silverman and Conarton.
Religious and Spiritual Development in Counseling Discuss the importance of clients' religious and spiritual needs in counseling. Get an introduction to the works of Moody, Carroll, Fowler and Worthington.

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