Ch 19: Human Muscular, Skeletal & Nervous Systems

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Feel confident that you fully understand human muscular, skeletal and nervous systems as you prepare to take an upcoming test, participate in a discussion or complete a project. This chapter makes studying this subject fun and easy thanks to engaging lessons, mini quizzes and a practice exam.

Human Muscular, Skeletal & Nervous Systems - Chapter Summary

If you're feeling overwhelmed while attempting to understand the functions and processes of the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, this chapter can help. Enjoy access to comprehensive lessons that closely examine sensory organs, functions of the skeletal system and more. Examine every lesson, or choose only those you need to better understand. In no time, you will have the knowledge to:

  • Identify connective tissue layers that make up the organization of skeletal muscles
  • Discuss the function and terms of the skeletal system
  • List common disorders that impact the skeletal system
  • Describe the parts and functions of the human nervous system
  • Explain how sensory organs function

Navigate this chapter with ease by selecting your first lesson then choosing others to review in any sequence you desire. Take self-assessment quizzes and a chapter exam to test your comprehension. Clarify specific concepts by submitting questions using the Ask Our Experts feature in the Dashboard. All resources are accessible 24/7 from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

5 Lessons in Chapter 19: Human Muscular, Skeletal & Nervous Systems
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Skeletal Muscle Organization: Connective Tissue and Layers

1. Skeletal Muscle Organization: Connective Tissue and Layers

Did you know that skeletal muscles are organized into tightly packed groups? This lesson identifies the connective tissue layers that organize skeletal muscle into fascicles, muscle fibers and myofibrils. Additionally, the microscopic structure of the sarcomere is described.

The Skeletal System: Function and Terms

2. The Skeletal System: Function and Terms

You'll learn about the two major divisions of our skeleton, the axial and appendicular skeleton, in this video lesson. In addition, you will find out how bone is formed, thanks to tiny little cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts, and what the major parts of a long bone are.

Common Disorders of the Skeletal System

3. Common Disorders of the Skeletal System

The skeletal system is a very important body system, and there are some common disorders that specifically affect it. Continue reading to learn about them, including their symptoms and treatment.

The Human Nervous System: Parts & Functions

4. The Human Nervous System: Parts & Functions

Your nervous system allows you to experience the world around you and react to it. It's a complex system that's split into two main parts, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Read on to learn the parts and functions of the system.

Sensory Organs: Functions & Explanation

5. Sensory Organs: Functions & Explanation

This lesson is about what senses are, and sensory organs that are involved in each one of the senses. Learn how stimuli trigger the senses and how stimuli reaches the brain in each case.

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