Ch 11: Human Population Patterns

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Watch fun video lessons at home or anywhere with an Internet connection to strengthen your comprehension of human population patterns. Get ready to take an upcoming test on this subject with help from the short quizzes and practice exam in this chapter.

Human Population Patterns - Chapter Summary

If you are interested in boosting your knowledge of human population patterns, this chapter is a great resource! Review bite-sized lessons anytime, day or night, to examine topics that include human migration, cultural diffusion, globalization and politics. Completing this chapter will enable you to:

  • Define and explain the functions of human settlements
  • Identify and compare different types of human settlements
  • Share the reasons and theories for human migration
  • Explain the importance of analyzing the spatial organization of people, places and environments
  • Describe cultural diffusion and expansion, and discuss popular cultures
  • Provide the definition of globalization, and explain its impact on states and their citizens
  • Discuss global patterns and networks of economic unions

Access the lessons in this chapter as short videos or full transcripts. Videos feature clickable timelines you can use to skip to key topics when you don't have time to watch lessons in full. Transcripts allow you to read and print lesson materials. Take short quizzes with the lessons to assess your understanding of human population patterns. If you answer a quiz question incorrectly, click the link below your answer to revisit the related portion of the video.

7 Lessons in Chapter 11: Human Population Patterns
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Human Settlements: Definition & Functions

1. Human Settlements: Definition & Functions

People don't live in a vacuum. We live with other people. Watch this lesson to find out about human settlements, including the two major types, and some of the functions and benefits of living with others, instead of on your own.

Types of Human Settlements: Definitions & Comparisons

2. Types of Human Settlements: Definitions & Comparisons

Most people don't live completely alone. They live in cities, towns, and rural areas near others. In this lesson, we'll examine types of human settlements, including common settlement designations and some of the challenges in categorizing settlements.

Human Migration: Definition, Reasons & Theories

3. Human Migration: Definition, Reasons & Theories

Human populations relocate for various reasons, and social scientists have explained these through a variety of theories. Explore several reasons and theories for migration, and test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Analyzing Spatial Organization of People, Places & Environments on Earth's Surfaces

4. Analyzing Spatial Organization of People, Places & Environments on Earth's Surfaces

After watching this video, you will be able to explain why studying spatial organization is important and describe aspects of the spatial organization of people, places, and the environments on the Earth. A short quiz will follow.

Cultural Diffusion: Definition, Expansion & Popular Cultures

5. Cultural Diffusion: Definition, Expansion & Popular Cultures

In this lesson, we'll use the examples of viral videos, hip hop, and yoga to explore how culture is diffused and expanded. We'll also look at how the Internet impacts our understanding of popular culture.

Globalization & Politics

6. Globalization & Politics

The term 'globalization' gets tossed about quite a lot, but what exactly does it mean? In this lesson, you'll learn what globalization is and how it can affect states and their citizens. We'll also discuss the North-South gap. A quiz follows.

Global Patterns & Networks of Economic Unions

7. Global Patterns & Networks of Economic Unions

Historical patterns of trade between the developed and undeveloped parts of the world changed abruptly in the '90's. We will explore the reasons why, one of which was the rise of large trading blocs or economic unions like the European Union and NAFTA.

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