Ch 46: Hydrogen & Hydrogen Compounds

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Find out details about hydrogen and hydrogen compounds by opening up this chapter. If you need assistance learning or re-learning these topics, we provide you with self-paced lessons, informative materials, and you can send any of your questions directly to our team of experts.

Hydrogen & Hydrogen Compounds - Chapter Summary

As you start to explore the individual elements, utilize our chapter to remind yourself about hydrogen and the various hydrogen compounds. Our materials provide a fast and easy way to get caught up with such topics as the characteristics of hydrogen, the chemical properties of hydrogen compounds, and heavy water vs. light water. Besides our easy-to-follow lessons, we also offer self-assessment quizzes and additional learning tools. At the end of this chapter, you should gain the knowledge to do the following:

  • Describe the production and formula of hydrogen
  • Identify the isotopes and properties of dihydrogen
  • Analyze the various types of hydrides
  • Check out water and all its properties
  • Define hydrogen peroxide and explain its structure
  • Examine the average atomic mass and isotopes
  • Explain the uses for hydrogen as a fuel source

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7 Lessons in Chapter 46: Hydrogen & Hydrogen Compounds
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What is Hydrogen? - Formula, Production & Uses

1. What is Hydrogen? - Formula, Production & Uses

Hydrogen is the lightest naturally occurring element, and is important in many biological, chemical, and industrial processes. This article discusses hydrogen, its properties, and some of its many uses.

Hydrides: Properties & Types

2. Hydrides: Properties & Types

In this lesson we will learn about one of the most common types of chemical bonds, hydrides. We will learn about the different types of hydride bonds.

Properties of Water

3. Properties of Water

Why does ice float? Why can water rise on its own against gravity in a small tube? Find out how these mysterious properties of water can be explained by hydrogen bonds.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Preparation, Properties & Structure

4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Preparation, Properties & Structure

Hydrogen peroxide is a bubbly, antimicrobial agent. In this lesson, we will learn how it is used, what its physical and chemical properties are, and how it is prepared.

Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass

5. Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass

When you drink a glass of water, you are actually drinking a combination of heavy water and light water. What's the difference? Is it harmful? This video will explain the difference between the two types of water and go into detail on the significance of the different isotopes of elements.

Hydrogen as a Fuel: Properties & Uses

6. Hydrogen as a Fuel: Properties & Uses

Today, there's more and more emphasis on using fuels that are renewable and that don't produce harmful emissions. Hydrogen is one such fuel, but the technology to use it still needs work. Learn more in this lesson.

The Three Isotopes of Hydrogen

7. The Three Isotopes of Hydrogen

When we are looking at the atomic number of an element in the periodic table, we may not know it, but these elements may have isotopes. This depends on the number of their neutrons. In this lesson, we will learn about the three isotopes of hydrogen.

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