Ch 10: Hypothesis Testing in Inferential Statistics

About This Chapter

Use the lessons in this chapter to learn how to conduct hypothesis tests. All of these lessons come with a self-assessment quiz to make sure you understand each of the concepts presented here.

Hypothesis Testing in Inferential Statistics - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

The subject experts who lead these courses help you understand how hypothesis testing works before teaching you how to conduct these tests on samples, matched pairs and more. You'll study effect size and different types of errors by watching fun and fast videos that feature numerous graphics and illustrations. Each of our lessons can be viewed in about 5-6 minutes and is available in a mobile-friendly format. These lessons help you learn:

  • How to conduct hypothesis tests for a proportion
  • Ways that confidence intervals and hypothesis tests are linked
  • What the theory is behind hypothesis testing
  • How parametric statistics differ from non-parametric statistics

Video Objective
What is Hypothesis Testing? - Definition, Steps & Examples Trace the steps used to perform hypothesis tests.
Conducting Hypothesis Testing for a Mean: Process & Examples Find out the method used to conduct a hypothesis test for a sample mean.
Effect Size in Hypothesis Testing: Definition & Interpretation Study the ways effect size is used when performing hypothesis tests.
Type I & Type II Errors in Hypothesis Testing: Differences, Lesson & Quiz Differentiate between these two types of errors.
The Relationship Between Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Tests: Lesson & Quiz Understand how confidence intervals are used in hypothesis tests.
Hypothesis Testing Large Independent Samples Follow the steps to conduct a hypothesis test for two means from large independent samples.
Hypothesis Testing Small Independent Samples Get experience conducting hypothesis tests with small independent samples.
Hypothesis Testing Matched Pairs Learn to conduct tests for means of matched pairs.
Hypothesis Testing for a Proportion Study ways that hypothesis tests are conducted for proportions.
Hypothesis Testing for a Difference Between Two Proportions Describe how to conduct a test for a difference in proportions.
Non-Parametric Inferential Statistics: Definition & Examples See examples of non-parametric statistics and describe how they're different from parametric statistics.

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