Ch 2: Identifying & Assessing Customer Needs

About This Chapter

This chapter helps your employees learn about dynamic strategies for measuring customer satisfaction and addressing customer needs. Engaging text and video lessons provide insight into the needs assessment, marketing research projects and more.

Identifying & Assessing Customer Needs - Chapter Summary

Use the lessons to ensure your employees are prepared to properly identify and assess your customers' needs. Upon completion of these lessons, they should understand:

  • How customer needs are predicted
  • The uses of a needs assessment
  • Tips for establishing a marketing research project
  • Ways to measure customer satisfaction
  • The importance of using surveys to anticipate customer needs

You can tailor the lessons for your corporate training sessions, having your employees watch any video, or key topic within a video, in the order you choose. Full transcripts are available that allow your employees to print the lessons for review after your sessions.

How It Helps

  • Teaches methods and strategies: The lessons ensure your employees have a firm understanding of the methods and strategies they need to accurately measure your customers' needs.
  • Improves customer service efforts: As employees learn how to measure customer's needs, your company can improve its customer service efforts.
  • Enriches relationship with customers: Improving your customer service efforts ensures your employees are able to create satisfied customers, which can improve the business-customer relationship and increase loyalty.

Skills Covered

Reviewing the lessons will enable your employees to:

  • Discuss why it's important to accurately identify a customer's needs
  • Share how to anticipate customer service needs with a product or service
  • Define and understand how to develop a needs assessment
  • Explain the importance of a marketing research project and describe how to establish one
  • Identify the methods used to carry out customer research
  • Describe why customer surveys are important and how information from surveys can be used to develop a proactive service response

6 Lessons in Chapter 2: Identifying & Assessing Customer Needs
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Methods for Predicting Customer Needs

1. Methods for Predicting Customer Needs

A crucial part of running a successful business is determining and fulfilling customer needs. This lesson discusses the importance of being able to predict customer needs and providing methods for doing so.

What Is Needs Assessment? - Definition & Examples

2. What Is Needs Assessment? - Definition & Examples

A needs assessment is a tool that can be used in strategic planning. In this lesson, you'll learn what a needs assessment is and its steps. You'll also have a chance to take a short quiz after the lesson.

How to Establish a Marketing Research Project

3. How to Establish a Marketing Research Project

Most consumers don't realize how much behind-the-scenes research and analysis goes into the marketing of a product. With millions of dollars at stake, marketers must use information available to formulate a key marketing plan, decision or change in strategy.

Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

4. Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the bread and butter of any business. This is why businesses need to make sure they are measuring customer satisfaction. This lesson will discuss methods for measuring customer satisfaction.

Case Study: Costco Wholesale's Customer Satisfaction

5. Case Study: Costco Wholesale's Customer Satisfaction

Wholesale giant Costco has often been an industry leader or innovator in customer satisfaction. This case study will examine some of the strategies used by the company to improve and maintain high-levels of customer satisfaction.

Using Surveys to Anticipate Customer Needs

6. Using Surveys to Anticipate Customer Needs

It's important to survey your customers to learn about their needs and expectations so you can exceed them. This lesson looks at why you should survey your customers on a regular basis and give tips for using their feedback.

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