Ch 3: Identifying & Treating Hearing Impairments & Deafness

About This Chapter

It is often helpful for special education teachers to develop an understanding of the disorders of the students they are instructing. In this chapter, you can review information about hearing disorders, diagnostic practices and treatment options.

Identifying & Treating Hearing Impairments & Deafness - Chapter Summary

How are hearing disorders identified and diagnosed? What are surgical and non-surgical treatment options for hearing disorders? Which terms describe specific hearing conditions? You can expect to explore this type of information when you refer to this detailed chapter. Specific topics you will study using this resource include:

  • The definition of hearing impairment
  • Evaluation and diagnostic procedures for hearing disorders
  • The use of an audiogram
  • Terminology relating to middle and inner ear conditions
  • Symptoms and treatment of otosclerosis
  • Procedures for treating various ear problems
  • Types and technologies of hearing aids

Video and text lessons provide short but detailed explanations as well as examples and definitions to clarify all material and make it easy to learn and retain. Each lesson is accessible 24/7 from any device and video lesson transcripts can be printed for quick reference purposes. Take brief quizzes to assess what you have learned and to determine the need for further review of any topic discussed in this chapter.

How It Helps

  • Ensures understanding of various disorders: Increases the knowledge of different types of hearing impairments so teachers can more readily identify conditions and develop effective instructional strategies.
  • Defines specific conditions and treatments: Helps teachers understand treatments that hearing impaired students may be undergoing during a school year.
  • Increases awareness: Clarifies ways to identify hearing problems so teachers can spot students who might be struggling with hearing problems but have not yet been diagnosed.

Skills Covered

By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Understand how hearing disorders are evaluated and diagnosed
  • Use terminology relating to hearing disorders and treatments
  • Explain how an audiogram is used
  • Define otosclerosis and discuss its symptoms and treatment options
  • Describe procedures used to restore ear functions or its structure or to treat specific conditions
  • Provide details about types of hearing aids and the technology used for each type

10 Lessons in Chapter 3: Identifying & Treating Hearing Impairments & Deafness
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What is Hearing Impairment? - Definition, Causes & Treatment

1. What is Hearing Impairment? - Definition, Causes & Treatment

This video lesson discusses hearing impairment, from the different types and their causes to available treatment options. Following the lesson is a short quiz to test your knowledge.

Diagnosing Hearing Problems

2. Diagnosing Hearing Problems

If you watch the video version of this lesson, I hope your speakers are turned up so you can hear everything that is covered! In this lesson, we'll address some important vocabulary related to diagnosing hearing problems.

Evaluating Hearing Disorders

3. Evaluating Hearing Disorders

Auditory screenings detect whether an in-depth evaluation is necessary. In this lesson, we'll learn about the need for and types of different tests used to assess hearing disorders in infants, kids, and adults.

Audiogram: Definition & Interpretation

4. Audiogram: Definition & Interpretation

For those with hearing loss, knowing the extent of the loss provides concrete answers for the best way to move forward. In this lesson, learn the details of interpreting the extent of hearing loss an audiogram can reveal.

Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

5. Middle Ear Disorder Terminology

Trauma and inflammation in the middle ear can cause pain and hearing difficulties. This lesson outlines some of the common disorders associated with the middle ear. Test your understanding by completing the quiz at the end of the lesson.

Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

6. Inner Ear Condition Vocabulary

Have you ever had that annoying ringing in your ears? Do you know what that's called and why it occurs? You can learn about that and vertigo here as we look at conditions involving the inner ear.

Otosclerosis: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

7. Otosclerosis: Definition, Symptoms & Treatment

In this lesson, we'll learn about otosclerosis, a condition affecting hearing. Read more to find out what causes it, what the symptoms are, and how to treat otosclerosis.

Treatment & Terminology of  Ear-Related Problems

8. Treatment & Terminology of Ear-Related Problems

Your ear is composed of three different sections, each of which has its own procedures that can be performed to restore function, treat a condition, or just for looks. Take a listen to this lesson and find out what some of these are.

Types of Hearing Aids: Characteristics, Pros & Cons

9. Types of Hearing Aids: Characteristics, Pros & Cons

There are many options available when choosing a hearing aid. This lessons discusses the characteristics and pros and cons of four different types of hearing aids.

Cochlear Implants: Pros & Cons

10. Cochlear Implants: Pros & Cons

Cochlear implants are electronic hearing devices that can help restore some levels of hearing to someone who is deaf. As with any medical procedure, there are benefits and drawbacks to them, so read on to learn more.

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