Ch 4: ILTS Business: Types of Investments

About This Chapter

Use this study guide to learn about the various types of investments. Video lessons, with quizzes for immediate feedback, can help you prepare for the ILTS Business, Marketing and Computer Education test.

ILTS Business: Types of Investments - Chapter Summary

What are the differences between stocks and bonds? You can learn about the various types of stocks and bonds, in addition to hearing about the accounting procedures commonly used to track them. This chapter weighs equity investments against loans, and explores the positives and negatives of corporations. You can also learn and put into practice the formula for stockholder equity.

Watch each short, video lesson as many times as you want. You can also read the text transcripts in place of, or in addition to, watching the videos. By taking the quiz at the end of each lesson, you'll be able to measure how well you are learning about types of investments for the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Business, Marketing and Computer Education exam. The following topics are included in this review:

  • Types of bonds and how they're issued
  • Comparison of equity investments and loans
  • Equity financing for partnerships and proprietorships
  • Positives and negatives of corporations
  • Formula for stockholder equity
  • Differences between preferred and common stock
  • Stock issuance and accounting procedures for repurchases
  • Examples of retained earnings

Experienced instructors thoroughly explain each of these topics and give you plenty of examples to help you get ready for the ILTS.

ILTS Business: Types of Investments Objectives

The topics in this chapter are part of the subareas of the ILTS Business, Marketing and Computer Education test that deal with accounting practices and principles, in addition to business communication and computation. These subareas constitute about 30% of the exam and address approximately seven of the 23 test objectives.

In these portions of the test, you can demonstrate an understanding of the accounting cycle used with various types of investments. You'll also be asked to examine business problems related to investments and use mathematical formulas in your analysis of the issues. The self-assessing quizzes can give you experience answering the types of multiple-choice questions you might see on the test.

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