Ch 17: Immunology Overview

About This Chapter

Utilize this overview of immunology to increase your understanding of passive immunity, acquired immunity and vaccination of immunotherapy. The lessons in this chapter will help you feel poised and ready to take an exam or engage in a class discussion.

Immunology Overview - Chapter Summary

Included in this chapter on immunology is information about topics like acquired immunity and vaccination. You will also review basic information about how diseases can be prevented. After completing the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain how active immunity works in the body
  • Provide examples of passive immunity
  • Discuss how exposure to an illness once can prevent future occurrences of that illness
  • List types of antigen-presenting cells (APCs)
  • Describe how your immune system can treat disease
  • Recall details about the mechanisms and diseases of the Retroviridae virus family

Our instructors assist you with easily grasping concepts related to immunology. A brief quiz is available to test your understanding of each lesson, and the quizzes can be printed for use as another study tool. The quizzes link back to specific topics in the video, so, if you get a question wrong, you can review that topic with just one click.

6 Lessons in Chapter 17: Immunology Overview
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Immune System & Immune Response

1. Immune System & Immune Response

Your immune system protects you from foreign invaders that might harm you. When your immune system responds to these threats, it's called an immune response. Learn about two arms of immunity known as antibody-mediated and cell-mediated immunity.

Passive Immunity: Definition & Examples

2. Passive Immunity: Definition & Examples

Learn all about passive immunity, including the different kinds and the various ways it is acquired and used. Then, check your new knowledge by taking a short quiz.

Acquired Immunity: T Cells, B Cells and Antibodies

3. Acquired Immunity: T Cells, B Cells and Antibodies

Have you ever wondered why some people don't ever seem to get sick? These people likely have an acquired immunity. Learn more about the immune system and how exposure to an illness one time can help your body to prevent that illness from ever occurring again.

What is an Antigen-Presenting Cell? - Definition & Types

4. What is an Antigen-Presenting Cell? - Definition & Types

Antigen-presenting cells (APCs) help start the body's immune response against infection by finding and activating T cells. This lesson will discuss how the APCs do this, and how the T cells respond.

Vaccination and Immunotherapy

5. Vaccination and Immunotherapy

This lesson will discuss the basics of how diseases can be prevented or treated using our own immune system's components. We'll talk about vaccination and immunotherapy as well as some specific examples, such as the BCG vaccine, monoclonal antibodies, and more.

HIV and AIDS: Mechanisms and Diseases of the Retroviridae Virus Family

6. HIV and AIDS: Mechanisms and Diseases of the Retroviridae Virus Family

Learn about one of the most famous viruses in the world: HIV. We'll also delve into a condition you've almost certainly heard of: AIDS. Finally, we'll discuss the mechanisms of how viruses in this family cause so much damage and if there's anything you can do about it.

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