Ch 3: Impact of Geography on Economics

About This Chapter

Look over the lessons in this chapter to understand the economic impact and influence of geographic factors. Learn about the relationship between economy and geography, and explore the influence of physical factors on economic growth and stability around the world.

Impact of Geography on Economics - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you will explore the impact of geography on local and global economy. Learn how physical attributes like climate, topography and ecology influence the economic factors like population distribution, industry and agriculture. And in reverse, see how economic ideas impact political and human geography. You will begin to understand the relationship of landmasses and bodies of water to the industries and economic development that occurs around them.

This course will also demonstrate that geography is more than just locations and climate. See how geographic factors such as population distribution and density, human migration and settlement patterns directly impact economic growth and stability around the world. After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Describe the global effects of physical geographic factors on population distribution and commerce
  • Explain how economic growth and decline are affected by the interaction of humans and the environment
  • Explore the impact of economic concepts on political and human geography
  • Identify how landmass and waterways control and influence economic development
  • Describe how population and the societal habits of a people directly affect global economy and trade

Each of these lessons is designed to help you learn economic concepts faster and retain the knowledge longer. The written transcript of the lesson is right there on the page, and key terms are in bold. Take the optional quiz at the end of each lesson to see how much you have learned!

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