Ch 6: Important Ancient Egyptian Personalities

About This Chapter

If you need to review important ancient Egyptian leaders for an exam, homework assignment, paper or class project, look no further than this convenient history chapter. Work through these short lessons at any time to improve your understanding of Egypt's most historically significant personalities.

Important Ancient Egyptian Personalities - Chapter Summary

This collection of bite-sized history study resources covers important historical figures of ancient Egypt. Follow along with our expert history instructors to contextualize the lives, accomplishments, contributions and deaths of Egypt's most famous pharaohs. After studying this chapter, you'll be equipped to:

  • Understand where specific Egyptian pharaohs fall on Egypt's historical timeline
  • Assess the relationship between Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses
  • List the accomplishments and contributions of Akhenaten and Ramses II
  • Recognize Egypt's Abu Simbel and the Mortuary temples

These lessons are designed to break down historical facts and concepts in a way that's easy to understand and remember. Our instructors are happy to assist you if you have any questions. Each lesson comes with a short quiz to help you retain the information you've studied. Finally, we've made the material accessible on any computer or mobile device so you can study whenever it's convenient.

8 Lessons in Chapter 6: Important Ancient Egyptian Personalities
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Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses: Names & Family Tree

1. Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses: Names & Family Tree

In this section, you will receive a brief overview of the principal gods and goddesses in ancient Egyptian mythology. A general family tree that connects these gods and goddesses will also be provided.

Egyptian Pharaohs: History, Facts & Timeline

2. Egyptian Pharaohs: History, Facts & Timeline

Learn about Ancient Egyptian society and the pharaohs. Explore the world of famous pharaohs such as King Menes, King Akhenaten, King Tutankhamen, and Queen Hatshepsut.

Queen Hatshepsut: Facts, Accomplishments & Death

3. Queen Hatshepsut: Facts, Accomplishments & Death

Explore the life and accomplishment of the Pharaoh-Queen Hatshepsut and test your understanding about Ancient Egypt, the pharaohs, and the development of the Ancient World in this lesson.

Queen Hatshepsut & Ramses the Great of Egypt

4. Queen Hatshepsut & Ramses the Great of Egypt

While the pharaohs of Egypt may have ruled the land along the Nile for thousands of years throughout many dynasties, two names deserve special recognition as perhaps the greatest rulers. Learn more about Ramses the Great and Hatshepsut.

Akhenaten: Biography & Facts

5. Akhenaten: Biography & Facts

Akhenaten oversaw Egypt in one of the most bizarre periods of its history. In this lesson, we'll talk about his life and achievements, and see how he tried to change the Egyptian world.

The Reign of Akhenaten: Accomplishments & Contributions

6. The Reign of Akhenaten: Accomplishments & Contributions

In this lesson we explore the reign of Akhenaten, the religiously zealous son of Amenhotep III who tried to initiate a profound shift in Egyptian religion, culture, and governance. We also examine his actions in foreign policy and the changes in Egyptian art during his reign.

Ramses II: Facts, Accomplishments & Death

7. Ramses II: Facts, Accomplishments & Death

Ancient Egypt had its fair share of mighty rulers, but few were as powerful as Ramses II. In this lesson, we're going to explore this pharaoh's life, death, and legacy and see how he impacted the ancient world.

Egypt's Abu Simbel & The Mortuary Temples

8. Egypt's Abu Simbel & The Mortuary Temples

Ramses II was one of Egypt's most powerful pharaohs, and he dedicated his reign to building impressive monuments. In this lesson we'll explore two of Ramses' temples and see how he wanted to preserve his legacy.

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