Ch 19: Important Ancient Greek Personalities

About This Chapter

Review important historical figures of ancient Greece with this collection of engaging history study resources. This self-paced chapter can help you prepare for upcoming exams, complete homework assignments or simply strengthen your understanding of ancient Greece's most important personalities.

Important Ancient Greek Personalities - Chapter Summary

Review historically important personalities of ancient Greece with this convenient study guide chapter. Through a series of short video and text-based lessons, our expert history instructors break down the conquests, achievements, facts and history behind ancient Greece's most influential people. These lessons help you review the lives and legacies of the following historical figures of ancient Greece:

  • Pericles of Athens
  • Alexander the Great
  • Cleopatra

After working through each lesson, you're encouraged to take the accompanying self-assessment quiz to solidify your comprehension of these historical topics. If you have any questions about these ancient Greek historical figures, feel free to reach out to our instructors. The chapter can be accessed on any Internet-connected device, which enables you to study at your convenience.

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