Ch 22: Important Ancient Roman Personalities

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Get to know some of Rome's most famous and remarkable people by studying the lessons in this chapter on ancient Roman personalities. These lessons can help you study for tests, boost your grades, or increase your ancient history knowledge for the fun of it.

Important Ancient Roman Personalities - Chapter Summary

In this chapter, you can find out about some of the most important men and women in ancient Rome. Through these lessons, you can gain insights into the lives and accomplishments of these extraordinary people. You will find out who Tiberius Gracchus and Agrippina the Younger were and examine the life, career and death of Julius Caesar. By the time you've completed the lessons, you should be able to:

  • Describe the life of and see quotations of Tiberius Gracchus
  • Trace Julius Caesar's life, including his military and political accomplishments
  • Explain how Caesar died
  • Discuss the history and known facts about Agrippina the Younger

The short duration of these easy-to-follow lessons allows you to fit them readily into your schedule and the convenient online platform enables you to study in any location and from any device that offers Internet access. You can even study from your Smartphone! The lessons are well written and well presented, providing you with comprehensive information in an engaging, user-friendly format. Lesson quizzes and a chapter test give you an easy way to test yourself, and the Dashboard helps you stay on track.

5 Lessons in Chapter 22: Important Ancient Roman Personalities
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Tiberius Gracchus: Biography & Quotes

1. Tiberius Gracchus: Biography & Quotes

Learn about the Roman tribune Tiberius Gracchus, one of the most famous and well-loved lawmakers in Roman history. Discover how he was assassinated for creating laws that would have helped the homeless at the expense of the wealthy.

Who was Julius Caesar? - Life & Assassination

2. Who was Julius Caesar? - Life & Assassination

Julius Caesar played a major role in the rise of the Roman Empire, enacting social and governmental reforms as its leader. Discover more about Caesar's background and career, learn about his political successes, and read about his assassination.

Julius Caesar's Accomplishments as a Statesman

3. Julius Caesar's Accomplishments as a Statesman

In this lesson you will learn about the accomplishments of Julius Caesar as a statesman, and analyze whether he was a great statesman, or just a great politician. First, you will learn how Caesar came into power, and then you will learn about some of the social and political reforms he enacted as a statesman.

Julius Caesar's Military Accomplishments

4. Julius Caesar's Military Accomplishments

Julius Caesar's political reign was characterized by tremendous military success for the Roman nation. Follow several of his successful military campaigns to understand how his excellence as a general emboldened the entirety of Rome.

Agrippina the Younger: Facts & History

5. Agrippina the Younger: Facts & History

Rome's history is full of powerful figures, but few were able to negotiate that power as successfully as Agrippina the Younger. In this lesson, we'll explore the life and legacy of this Roman empress and see how she managed to secure a position in the Roman Empire.

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