Ch 4: Improving Sales Efficiency

About This Chapter

This chapter contains video lessons that will cover topics and strategies for improving sales efficiency. These lessons will be essential to any sales professional who wants to improve his or her efficiency on the job.

Improving Sales Efficiency - Chapter Summary

Any sales professional will know that efficiency is a key aspect of selling effectively. The video lessons in this chapter can help to improve sales efficiency and will provide comprehensive overviews of different sales efficiency-related topics. This chapter contains lessons on:

  • The definition and explanation of task structure
  • The definition, benefits and examples of multitasking
  • The definition and skills of efficient communication
  • How to find the most efficient circuit

Our lesson instructors will go over all pertinent information needed to improve sales efficiency. The corporate training chapter also contains practice quizzes that will be useful for ensuring comprehension of the chapter's key points.

How It Helps

  • Teaches structure: Sales professionals will learn the basics of task structures and how they can use task structures to improve their sales efficiency.
  • Encourages multitasking: These lessons will provide ways in which sales professionals can improve their multitasking skills.
  • Emphasizes communication: Sales professionals can watch these lessons in order to build more effective communication skills.

Skills Covered

These lessons will help sales professionals to:

  • Structure their duties in a more efficient manner
  • Improve their multitasking skills
  • Use their communication skills to improve their sales efficiency
  • Find the most efficient sales circuits

5 Lessons in Chapter 4: Improving Sales Efficiency
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Task Structure: Definition & Explanation

1. Task Structure: Definition & Explanation

In this lesson, we will learn how a task can be completed effectively by means of task structure. We will define task structure and look at an example. When the lesson concludes, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Multitasking: Definition, Benefits & Examples

2. Multitasking: Definition, Benefits & Examples

Multitasking has become a popular way to accomplish multiple tasks. However, the verdict is out on whether or not it is a good idea. This lesson explains the advantages and disadvantages of multitasking.

What is Efficient Communication? - Definition & Skills

3. What is Efficient Communication? - Definition & Skills

In this lesson, you will learn what is efficient communication and how it can be mastered in business. While efficient usually means brief, this lesson will also address an alternative way that a message can be delivered if brevity is not suitable.

Methods of Finding the Most Efficient Circuit

4. Methods of Finding the Most Efficient Circuit

After watching this video lesson, you will understand several ways in which you can solve the famous traveling salesman problem. You'll also learn the drawbacks to each solution method.

Practical Application: Components of Efficient Communication Infographic

5. Practical Application: Components of Efficient Communication Infographic

Communication is the backbone of our work environments and really, society as a whole. In today's busy world, it's important to be able to get your message across as efficiently as possible, taking less time and still conveying the most essential information.

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