Ch 9: Indigenous Peoples, Culture & History of Mexico

About This Chapter

Easily study the indigenous people, culture and history of Mexico with help from this engaging chapter. Whether you're finishing your homework or trying to improve your class grade, these lessons are a great way to refresh your understanding of these topics or learn something new.

Indigenous Peoples, Culture & History of Mexico - Chapter Summary

Our expert instructors present topics related to the indigenous peoples, culture and history of Mexico in this collection of lessons. When you study this chapter, you'll review the Oto-Manguean language families, the poems of Nezahualcoyotl and the biography of Porifrio Diaz. You'll also learn the about the histry and culture of the Tzotzil, Totonac and Otomi tribes! You can tackle even the toughest of subjects with ease when you use our learning resources, which have been written by expert instructors. We know how important flexibility is when you're studying, so we've made sure these lessons are mobile friendly and available 24 hours a day. This chapter's purpose is to help you achieve the following:

  • Explore the indigenous peoples of Mexico
  • Discuss the history, gods, religion, language and culture of the Purepecha
  • Identify Pirekuas de Michoacan
  • Explain the culture and art of the Otomi people and the religion of the Otomi tribe
  • Outline the Totonac language art, civilization and government
  • Describe the language of the Tzotzil people
  • Detail the people and culture of the Raramuri tribe

8 Lessons in Chapter 9: Indigenous Peoples, Culture & History of Mexico
Nezahualcoyotl: Biography & Poems

1. Nezahualcoyotl: Biography & Poems

This lesson goes over the life of Nezahualcoyotl. You'll learn about his youth, education, as well as his connection to Mexica culture. You'll also read a couple of poems he composed.

Who Was Porfirio Diaz? - Biography, Quotes & Facts

2. Who Was Porfirio Diaz? - Biography, Quotes & Facts

What made Mexico into the nation it is today? One person we can't ignore in answering this question is Porfirio Díaz, whose life and legacy we will explore in this lesson.

The Purepecha: History, Religion & Gods

3. The Purepecha: History, Religion & Gods

There were many tribes found in pre-colonial Mexico, but none quite so distinctive as the innovative Purepecha. In this lesson you will learn more about what makes the history and religion of the Purepecha so important to Mexican history.

Purepecha Culture, Language & Art

4. Purepecha Culture, Language & Art

The Purepecha tribe is of little note, but of great importance, to the country of Mexico's culture and traditions. If you would like to more about these proud people, there is information in this lesson just for you.

What are Pirekuas de Michoacan?

5. What are Pirekuas de Michoacan?

What does Mexican music sound like? Well, it all depends on where in Mexico the music comes from. In this lesson, we'll learn about the pirekua music of Michoacán and see who plays it.

Otomi Tribe: History & Religion

6. Otomi Tribe: History & Religion

Prior to the colonization of modern-day Mexico, many indigenous tribes flourished in the region. One of those tribes was the Otomi people. This lesson will look at the history and religion of this interesting group of people.

Totonac Civilization, Government & Religion

7. Totonac Civilization, Government & Religion

When the Spanish arrived in Central America, the Totonac were the first native group the Europeans encountered. Learn more about the Totonac civilization, government, and religion.

Tzotzil People: History, Language & Religion

8. Tzotzil People: History, Language & Religion

The Tzotzil people of southeast Mexico connect ancient Mayan cultures with Spanish influences. In this lesson, we will examine how their history, language, and religion show us a cultural fusion of these two societies.

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