Ch 17: Individual Integrity & Ethics

About This Chapter

Watch online video lessons and learn about individual ethics in business decision making. Key concepts on the importance of individual integrity are presented in bite-sized chunks to help you easily retain the info.

Individual Integrity & Ethics - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Lessons in this chapter focus on individual integrity, morals and ethics within businesses and offer an in-depth study of how an individual's decisions impact business and society. The professional instructors who teach these lessons will cover strategies for making moral decisions in businesses and understanding the importance of an individual's moral compass. After watching the videos in this chapter, you'll have knowledge of the following:

  • Impact of Morals & Values in Business
  • Ethical Decision Making in Business
  • Personal Moral Codes & Values

Video Objectives
Impact of Morals & Values on Autonomous Moral Reasoning in Business Explain the impact of individual morals and values on workplace conduct.
How Individual Values Affect Business Decisions Explain the impact of individual values on business decisions.
Personal Moral Code: Definition & Examples Define personal moral code and give examples of how it applies in business settings.
Moral Compass & Intelligence in Ethical Decision-Making in Business Explain moral compass and moral intelligence and how each influences conduct and decision-making in business.

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