Ch 8: Information & Computer Technology

About This Chapter

If you need to review basic computer and information technology topics for an exam or homework assignment, simply work through this series of engaging video and text-based lessons. This self-paced chapter comes with practice quizzes to help you retain your comprehension of IT and computer terms.

Information & Computer Technology - Chapter Summary

This collection of lessons covers important terms and concepts related to information and computer technology. Follow along with our expert instructors to study a variety of IT and computer topics, such as information system abbreviations, computer parts and functions, the Internet and email. After studying these lessons, you should be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and function of information systems
  • Recognize common IT terms and abbreviations
  • Evaluate the functions of various computer system parts
  • Define the components of the Internet
  • Analyze the structure of business emails

We've included self-assessment quizzes following each lesson to help evaluate your understanding of essential computer and information technology concepts. Your course Dashboard allows you to quickly navigate to lesson topics. The chapter can be accessed on any Internet-connected device, which allows you to study at home, at school or when you're on-the-go.

5 Lessons in Chapter 8: Information & Computer Technology
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What Is an Information System?

1. What Is an Information System?

Information systems are an integral part of businesses. But what, exactly, is an information system? In this lesson, we'll define information systems and then examine the three main components of an information system.

Information Technology: Abbreviations & Terminology

2. Information Technology: Abbreviations & Terminology

Help! I have a 404 Error, and it's most likely a DNS attack! Call the SAAS Resource right away! No field of study is immune from acronyms and terminology and IT is a big offender. In this lesson we'll cover an array of IT terms and their meaning.

Computer System Components: Computer Parts & Functions

3. Computer System Components: Computer Parts & Functions

Are you ready to buy a computer? Let's take a trip through the components of a computer for some advice. We'll learn about the motherboard, memory, storage, connectivity and peripherals.

What is the Internet? - Definition & Explanation

4. What is the Internet? - Definition & Explanation

If someone asked you about the Internet would you tell them that it is the World Wide Web? This isn't really true, and you will learn why in this lesson as we look at the parts that make up the Internet.

Purpose, Content & Structure of Emails

5. Purpose, Content & Structure of Emails

Emails are perhaps the most ubiquitous form of business communication today. In this lesson, you'll learn about the purpose, content, and structure of emails in a business context. A short quiz follows.

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