Ch 9: Instructional Planning and Methodologies

About This Chapter

To understand instructional planning, you'll have to understand what intelligence is and how curriculum is designed around the various subtypes of intelligence. Watch these video lessons to review these concepts for the ILTS school counseling exam.

ILTS School Counselor - Instructional Planning and Methodologies - Chapter Summary

The video lessons in the Instructional Planning and Methodologies chapter include a wide variety of topics related to intelligence and curriculum. These include:

  • Biological bases of intelligence
  • Child creativity and intelligence
  • Classroom management techniques
  • Concept and process of the developmental counseling program evaluation and methods for designing, interpreting and applying program evaluations and feedback to improve service delivery systems
  • Creativity and intelligence in adolescence
  • History of intelligence testing
  • Intelligence and strategies for adapting, adjusting and diversifying instructional methodologies to meet the needs of all students
  • Intelligence testing and types
  • Intro to intelligence
  • IQ and environment and genetic influences
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Normal growth and development and ways to promote positive mental health and assist students in acquiring and using life skills
  • Team teaching strategies
  • The counseling curriculum as a component of the developmental approach and ways to develop, organize, and implement the curriculum around the personal/social, career/vocational, and academic/educational domains

Our instructors use everyday language and clear examples to make each lesson easy to understand. You can refresh and add to your knowledge of these topics covered by the ILTS content-area exam in school counseling.

ILTS School Counselor: Objectives

Illinois Licensure Testing Systems (ILTS) exams are used to determine your readiness for teacher licensing in your subject area. After taking the test, you'll receive a score of 100-300; you'll have to score at least a 240 to apply for licensing.

The school counselor exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. These video lessons include self-assessment quizzes so you get experience answering questions similar to those found on the ILTS exam itself.

9 Lessons in Chapter 9: Instructional Planning and Methodologies
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Classroom Management Techniques

1. Classroom Management Techniques

Managing the classroom is a challenge that all teachers face, and the decisions and actions a teacher takes in this area are extremely influential. In this lesson, we discuss different aspects of classroom management and the importance of creating a plan before the term begins.

Studying Intelligence: History, Psychologists & Theories

2. Studying Intelligence: History, Psychologists & Theories

We all want to be smart in one way or another, but what exactly is general intelligence? This lesson takes a look at the possible factors behind intellectual development and how this controversial topic has been examined by psychologists.

History of Intelligence Testing in Psychology

3. History of Intelligence Testing in Psychology

Throughout the years, there have been many methods used that attempted to accurately quantify and measure human intelligence. You've probably heard of or taken an IQ test, but what does an IQ test actually measure? Find out in this lesson.

Intelligence Testing and Types

4. Intelligence Testing and Types

Most people have heard of IQ. But how is it measured and what does it mean? In this lesson, we'll look at the history of intelligence testing, major types of intelligence tests, and the debate and controversy over intelligence.

IQ: Environmental and Genetic Influences

5. IQ: Environmental and Genetic Influences

Do genetics play a role in intelligence? What about the environment a person grows up in? Explore some of the evidence that exists for each of these factors, as well as how researchers attempt to answer these questions in the following lesson.

Child Creativity and Intelligence

6. Child Creativity and Intelligence

What is an IQ score? What do these scores mean? What role does creativity play in a child's development? Explore these concepts with this lesson and test your knowledge with a quiz at the end.

Creativity and Intelligence in Adolescence

7. Creativity and Intelligence in Adolescence

You know that emotional and physical changes take place during adolescence, but what about intellectual changes? Learn about the behavior of IQ during this time and find out why it is important to encourage creativity in adolescents.

Studying Intelligence: Biological vs. Environmental Factors

8. Studying Intelligence: Biological vs. Environmental Factors

Have you ever wondered if your intelligence is entirely due to genetics or if it's shaped by the environment surrounding you? In this lesson, you'll learn about the factors that affect and influence a person's intelligence.

What is Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

9. What is Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences?

Which types of intelligence do you identify with? As you watch this video on Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, you'll learn that intelligence can be a diverse concept not limited to one area.

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