Ch 7: Interior & Architectural Design Styles

About This Chapter

You have the chance to strengthen your knowledge on interior and architectural design styles, including Colonial and Victorian design, by working through the lessons presented in this chapter. These lessons are presented to you in bite-sized chunks so that you can recall this information more successfully on test day.

Interior & Architectural Design Styles - Chapter Summary

By the time you reach the end of this lesson, you will know all about interior and architectural design styles and you'll be prepared to recall this information on our lesson quizzes and chapter test. These resources are all mobile friendly too, so you can study whenever it is convenient for you. The topics covered in this chapter will help you to:

  • Analyze British, Spanish and Dutch design
  • Learn about what makes colonial kitchens and fireplaces unique
  • Recall the characteristics of Georgian colonial design
  • Discover the Colonial Revival interior design
  • Understand the elements behind Victorian design and its history
  • Explain the significant information about Victorian kitchens and bathrooms
  • Explore Federal Style furniture
  • Recall Art Deco design history
  • Identify the difference between Byzantine, Romanesque, Islamic and Gothic design

15 Lessons in Chapter 7: Interior & Architectural Design Styles
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Colonial Interior Design: British, Spanish & Dutch

1. Colonial Interior Design: British, Spanish & Dutch

Do you think there's only one style of Colonial architecture and interior design? If you said yes, guess again! The Colonial style of architecture and interior design is as varied as the people of the United States. This lesson will introduce you to the British, Dutch, and Spanish styles.

Colonial Kitchen & Fireplace Designs

2. Colonial Kitchen & Fireplace Designs

The kitchen is an important room, and for many people, the aesthetic center of a home's interior. In this lesson, we're going to talk about the popular colonial kitchen style and learn about it both historically and in terms of modern design.

Georgian Colonial Architecture & Interior Design

3. Georgian Colonial Architecture & Interior Design

If you love symmetry, Georgian Colonial architecture is for you. Rectangular in shape and laid out in precise symmetry, this architecture style was popular between 1720 and 1850. This design is still in demand today for many upper-end homes.

Colonial Revival Interior Design

4. Colonial Revival Interior Design

Colonial Revival interior design is characterized by sophisticated contrasting between white walls and mahogany wood, as well as stunning art objects. In this lesson, we will look at the features of Colonial Revival interior design.

Victorian Interior Design: Style & Elements

5. Victorian Interior Design: Style & Elements

Victorians lived in a world of innovation and decorated interiors with a blend of many different styles and revivals. Let's take a look at how designers worked with these eclectic trends to achieve order and cohesion in interior spaces.

Victorian Interior Design History

6. Victorian Interior Design History

Victorians had a lavish and extraordinary style. Step back in time and learn about how society and industry merged to create opulent and romantic trends in interior design.

Victorian Kitchen & Bathroom Design

7. Victorian Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Victorian designs have once again become popular, and in this lesson, we are going to look at their use in the kitchen and bathroom. We'll go over traditional features as well as those that can adapt a modern room to historic tastes.

Federal Style Furniture

8. Federal Style Furniture

Furniture is more important than we sometimes give it credit for. In this lesson, we will talk about one of the most influential styles of furniture in American history and see what defined Federal furnishings.

Art Deco Interior Design History

9. Art Deco Interior Design History

Are you interested in knowing more about how the innovative style, known as Art Deco, was used in interior design? In this lesson you will learn how advances in transportation and technology left a unique signature on the field of interior design.

Byzantine & Romanesque Design

10. Byzantine & Romanesque Design

What was art and architecture like in Europe during the time of castles, knights and the Crusades? Design elements included massive domed churches and shimmering gold mosaics. In this lesson, we'll explore elements of two major styles of the Middle Ages, Byzantine and the Romanesque.

Islamic Interior & House Design

11. Islamic Interior & House Design

Most Muslims consider their home an important place of worship and design it accordingly. In this lesson, learn about the main features of Islamic house design and explore some of the most important decorative elements that are used.

Gothic Interior Design

12. Gothic Interior Design

Gothic cathedrals are inspirational and magnificent - but would you want to live there? In this lesson, we'll talk about the Gothic style of interior design and see what characteristics define it.

Rococo Interior Design: Style & Elements

13. Rococo Interior Design: Style & Elements

Many interior design styles are reflections of the exterior architecture, but the Rococo flipped this. Architecture reflected interior design, and in this lesson we'll see what those interiors looked like.

Tudor-Style Homes: Characteristics, Design & Interiors

14. Tudor-Style Homes: Characteristics, Design & Interiors

Architecture can be a great way to experience the past. In this lesson, we are going to check out the Tudor Revival in domestic architecture, and see what characterizes these unique homes.

Edith Wharton's The Mount & Interior Design

15. Edith Wharton's The Mount & Interior Design

Edith Wharton is known for her writing, but she was also an authority on architecture and interior design, and a contributor to the American Renaissance. This lesson will focus on her home The Mount and its noteworthy interior design.

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