Ch 18: International Humanitarian Intervention

About This Chapter

If you need to review international humanitarian intervention topics for an exam or assignment, this chapter is for you. These mobile-friendly lessons and quizzes can be accessed whenever you need to boost your knowledge of humanitarian intervention.

International Humanitarian Intervention - Chapter Summary

Review international humanitarian intervention topics with this useful online study guide chapter. Inside, you'll find informative and engaging lessons that examine the historical impacts of specific genocides and humanitarian crises. You'll also become familiar with human rights treaties. Try the accompanying self-assessment quizzes to make sure you comprehend the material. The chapter can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, and our instructors are available to answer any questions you may have. By the end of the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain political mindsets regarding humanitarian intervention
  • Summarize the concept of universal human rights
  • Interpret the historical timelines of the genocides in Kosovo and Rwanda
  • Assess humanitarian interventions in Somalia and East Timor
  • Evaluate the global impacts of Syria's humanitarian crisis

5 Lessons in Chapter 18: International Humanitarian Intervention
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Human Rights Treaties, Humanitarian Intervention & Political Mindsets

1. Human Rights Treaties, Humanitarian Intervention & Political Mindsets

The international community acknowledges the existence of certain universal human rights. In this lesson, you'll learn about how the international community seeks to enforce these rights and hold sovereign states accountable for their violation.

Kosovo Genocide: Summary & Timeline

2. Kosovo Genocide: Summary & Timeline

This lesson will detail the conflicts in Kosovo that took place during the 1990s. We will explore whether or not acts of genocide took place during this time and asses other war crimes that occurred.

The Rwandan Genocide: Facts & Timeline

3. The Rwandan Genocide: Facts & Timeline

Rwanda, like many nations with borders created by a former colonial empire, contains multiple ethnic groups that historically didn't get along. In this lesson we are going to discuss the Rwandan Genocide and see how this tragedy occurred.

Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia

4. Humanitarian Intervention in Somalia

In this lesson we explore the history of Somalia and the humanitarian crises that have gripped the country since the 1990's. We will also examine the efforts made by the international community to end the violence and alleviate the suffering that threatens millions of lives in Somalia.

Humanitarian Intervention in East Timor

5. Humanitarian Intervention in East Timor

In this lesson, we will learn about what led to the humanitarian intervention of East Timor, how the intervention progressed, its outcome, and the controversies over the intervention.

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