Ch 16: International Management and Contemporary Issues

About This Chapter

Watch these video lessons on international management and contemporary issues. As you complete each lesson, take the accompanying short quiz to gauge your understanding of these important management concepts.

International Management

For those interested in international business, there are several lessons in this set that focus on the role of a manager in an international or global organization. International businesses sometimes have specific management needs, and these lessons discuss not only the function of an international business manager, but also the various issues international companies must deal with. These issues can include political, legal, socio-cultural, economic, and technological differences from country to country.

In addition to the characteristics of an international manager, you'll also learn about the various ways businesses can go international, including importing and exporting, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, wholly owned subsidiaries, and licensure agreements. You'll also learn how global managers can use something called 'regional integration' in international business dealings. Importing and exporting through trade alliances are also explored.

Finally, these lessons focus on contemporary management issues, like managing a diverse workforce in a modern business. You'll also learn about Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, which describes the various ways that cultures and value dimensions can differ in a diverse environment. Business ethics are also discussed, with the headline-making corporation Enron used as an example. Corporate social responsibility is explored as well.

The lessons on contemporary management issues finish up with a discussion of the role e-business plays in today's organizations. You'll learn what e-business enhanced and e-business enabled organizations are. Additionally, the relationship between creativity, innovation, and change gets explained. The lesson instructor will also describe the importance of being change-savvy in a knowledge economy.

7 Lessons in Chapter 16: International Management and Contemporary Issues
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Managerial Functions in the International Organization

1. Managerial Functions in the International Organization

Every manager focuses on five different aspects of management. These aspects are common knowledge and when used together, they help to create an effective manager. This lesson will address those areas and integrate them into international business.

Characteristics of the International Manager in Global Organizations

2. Characteristics of the International Manager in Global Organizations

Managers need to be able to plan, control, organize, and lead their companies and departments. When we look at international business, there are some additional aspects that come into play for a manager to be successful.

Internationalization & Globalization of Businesses

3. Internationalization & Globalization of Businesses

When companies decide to do international business, they have a wide variety of methods they can use to actually enter the market. This lesson will discuss those different methods and analyze how they work in an international context.

Managing in International Companies

4. Managing in International Companies

Managing in international companies takes a special type of person. The reason for that is that not only do managers have to have an understanding of how to conduct business, but they also must deal with several other factors that are present in the international arena.

Managing a Diverse Workforce in Contemporary Organizations

5. Managing a Diverse Workforce in Contemporary Organizations

Diversity is all around us and is a huge part of the business climate today. All companies strive for diversity, so they can have a unique perspective and look at issues through the eyes of their employees. This lesson will address diversity in a global setting.

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory

6. Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory

Dimensions of culture are an important aspect of international business. Knowing how cultures view different aspects of business can help a manager navigate through the international business market.

Business Ethics in Contemporary Businesses

7. Business Ethics in Contemporary Businesses

The concept of ethics is easy to give examples of but hard to define. In this lesson, we will discuss ethics and how they apply in the business world, as well as discuss an example of an ethical situation using Enron.

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