Ch 9: Internet Advertising

About This Chapter

If you're looking for a resource that can help you better understand Internet advertising as you prepare for an upcoming test or assignment, this chapter can help! Review short lessons and take mini quizzes you can access from any computer or mobile device to get the knowledge you need.

Internet Advertising - Chapter Summary

Internet advertising encompasses a variety of marketing and advertising types and strategies, including digital marketing, social media marketing, email advertising and the use of web cookies. Ensure you have a quality understanding of these concepts by taking advantage of the resources in this chapter. Engaging lessons help strengthen your knowledge, and short quizzes assess your comprehension. Experts can answer any questions you have about lesson topics. Once you've finished this chapter, you will be prepare to:

  • Define digital marketing, and discuss its key characteristics and strategies
  • Describe strategies, plans, methods and processes for Internet marketing
  • Discuss software, tools, techniques, pros and cons of Internet marketing
  • Share details about the use and controversy associated with web cookies
  • Differentiate between the uses of online marketing for customers and businesses
  • Detail how the motivation, opportunity and ability (MOA) model relates to social marketing
  • Provide the definition of branding, and discuss its importance and use via social media
  • Explain email advertising and the email blast

12 Lessons in Chapter 9: Internet Advertising
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Digital Marketing: Definition, Strategies & Example

1. Digital Marketing: Definition, Strategies & Example

This lesson will define digital marketing. We will explore its key characteristics as well as the media and strategies that can be used in its implementation.

Internet Marketing: Strategies & Plans

2. Internet Marketing: Strategies & Plans

Developing an internet marketing strategy is essential to staying competitive. Here we will discuss setting a budget, creating a website, researching target markets and social media channels, launching campaigns, and maintaining your online presence.

Internet Marketing: Methods & Process

3. Internet Marketing: Methods & Process

When utilizing internet marketing, it is beneficial to help develop a method and process. In this lesson we will discuss how to develop a plan, generate more traffic, and how to maintain internet marketing platforms.

Internet Marketing: Software, Tools & Techniques

4. Internet Marketing: Software, Tools & Techniques

Internet marketing is an essential part of helping a business stay competitive. In this lesson, we will discuss internet marketing techniques, software, and tools.

Pros & Cons of Internet Marketing

5. Pros & Cons of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing allows companies of all sizes to reach a large audience. In this lesson, we will discuss the pros and cons of internet marketing in business.

Internet Communication: Social Media, Email, Blog, & Chat

6. Internet Communication: Social Media, Email, Blog, & Chat

This lesson talks about how social media adds business value by building networks that enhance competitive advantage, enable the exchange of information, foster strong relationships and serve as a foundation of building professional and personal relationships irrespective of different geographical spaces and time zones.

What Are Web Cookies? - Use & Controversy

7. What Are Web Cookies? - Use & Controversy

Cookies play a major role in digital marketing. In this lesson, we'll discuss what cookies are, identify their role in digital marketing and go over the controversies surrounding how useful they are in a digital marketing plan.

Online Marketing for B2C vs. B2B Models

8. Online Marketing for B2C vs. B2B Models

In this video lesson, you will learn several techniques that businesses can use for marketing to consumers and other businesses. Also, learn what the major difference is between marketing to consumers and to businesses.

The Motivation-Opportunity-Abilities (MOA) Model

9. The Motivation-Opportunity-Abilities (MOA) Model

This lesson will provide a basic understanding of the Motivation - Opportunity - Ability (MOA) model for employee performance, and explore how the model can be mutually beneficial to both employee and employer.

Branding in Social Media Marketing

10. Branding in Social Media Marketing

This lesson discusses what branding is, why it is important, and how businesses can use social media for branding. We review where companies should focus key resources when using social media and look at some tips on how to maintain these focal points.

What is Email Advertising?

11. What is Email Advertising?

Reaching current and future customers can be challenging, but email advertising can help you meet that challenge. This lesson offers an overview of email advertising.

What is an Email Blast?

12. What is an Email Blast?

The email blast is the shotgun of digital marketing, designed to hit a wide range of targets in an efficient manner. Let's take a look at email blasts in some more detail before getting into a few tips for writing your own.

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