Ch 1: Intro to Human Development

About This Chapter

Go over these lessons for an introduction of human development. Learn the differences between physical and psychological human development as you prepare for an upcoming test, or use the lessons for personal enrichment or to help you earn continuing education credits.

Intro to Human Development - Chapter Summary

Before you look at human development in relation to the different stages of life, you must first have a general understanding of what development means. These lessons provide an overview of the basic changes in human development from birth to death. You can learn about the major concepts and keywords involved as well as gain some foundational knowledge. If you are interested in learning more specific information on the stages of human development, you can find other chapter and course recommendations on your user dashboard. After you go through these lessons, you will possess the knowledge to:

  • Describe what lifespan developmental psychology is
  • Identify how learning, maturation, and growth relate to development
  • Analyze emotional, social, and cognitive development
  • Recognize the features of personality traits
  • Define physical development and provide examples

5 Lessons in Chapter 1: Intro to Human Development
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Overview of Life Span Developmental Psychology

1. Overview of Life Span Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology studies the way people change and grow. In this lesson, we'll look at the principles of how people develop across the life span, including multidimensionality, multidirectionality, and plasticity.

What is Development? - Growth, Maturation & Learning

2. What is Development? - Growth, Maturation & Learning

To many people, terms like development, growth, maturation, and learning all mean the same thing. In this lesson, we'll learn the subtle differences between each of these terms and how they apply to human life.

What are Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Development?

3. What are Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Development?

People grow and develop in many different ways and in many different areas. In this lesson, we'll look closer at three types of human development: cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Intro to Personality

4. Intro to Personality

You put two people in the same situation and, odds are, they'll react in a range of different ways. Some people might even react in a completely unexpected or extreme way. Why is this? Read this lesson for insight into personality types and what makes people tick the way they do.

What Is Physical Development? - Definition and Examples

5. What Is Physical Development? - Definition and Examples

Everyone grows and changes throughout their lives. In this lesson, we'll look at some important times in physical development, including childhood and old age, and how physical development contributes to other types of development.

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