Ch 8: Intro to Systems of Anatomy & Physiology

About This Chapter

This chapter is an introduction to systems of anatomy and physiology of the human body. By studying these chapters you will get to know about the human nervous system, circulatory system, and reproductive systems of both sexes.

Intro to Systems of Anatomy & Physiology - Chapter Summary

These lessons, developed by our subject matter experts, present an intro to human systems of anatomy and physiology. When you study these lessons, you will get to know how gas exchange functions in the respiratory system of the human body. You will take a look at the functions and parts of the female reproductive system, and examine the human excretory system.

Additional information covered in this chapter includes:

  • Parts and functions of the human nervous system
  • The workings of the circulatory system of the human body
  • Function and parts of the male reproductive system
  • Physiology and anatomy of pregnancy in humans

These short lessons can be accessed from your computer or your Internet ready mobile device. You will be able to track your progress on the lessons in this chapter by way of your dashboard. Accompanying lesson quizzes are for your convenience as you complete each lesson so you know how well you comprehend the information you are studying.

7 Lessons in Chapter 8: Intro to Systems of Anatomy & Physiology
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The Human Nervous System: Parts & Functions

1. The Human Nervous System: Parts & Functions

Your nervous system allows you to experience the world around you and react to it. It's a complex system that's split into two main parts, the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Read on to learn the parts and functions of the system.

The Human Circulatory System: Parts and Functions

2. The Human Circulatory System: Parts and Functions

In this lesson, you will take a ride on the transportation system of the body called the circulatory system and its two parts: the pulmonary circuit and the systemic circuit. Take a look inside and see how every inch of your body receives the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

Gas Exchange in the Human Respiratory System

3. Gas Exchange in the Human Respiratory System

Did you know that the average human lung has a respiratory surface area that is roughly the same size as half of a tennis court? Believe it or not, that's how much surface area an active, healthy human needs to ensure that the body gets plenty of oxygen.

Excretory System

4. Excretory System

Each year in the U.S., close to 400,000 people with kidney failure undergo dialysis treatment in order to remove waste, remove excess fluid and restore electrolyte balance. Kidneys, the workhorses of the excretory system, perform these same functions more effectively than any machine. In this lesson, we'll talk about how the excretory system removes toxic substances from the body.

The Male Reproductive System: Function & Parts

5. The Male Reproductive System: Function & Parts

Did you know that inside every guy is a factory? That's right - a sperm making factory! Learn about all the different parts of this factory in this lesson on the male reproductive system.

The Female Reproductive System: Functions & Parts

6. The Female Reproductive System: Functions & Parts

You know the saying. . . men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We all know that men and women think differently, and we all know that we look different on the outside, but do you know what we look like on the inside?

Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

7. Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy

We know a woman's uterus can house a baby, but did you ever wonder what it looks like inside? Or, how the baby gets food? In this lesson, you'll learn about what the fetal environment inside the uterus actually looks like.

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