Ch 1: Introduction to Ethics & Morals

About This Chapter

Deepen your understanding of ethics and morals by exploring engaging lessons in this comprehensive introduction. If you are preparing for a test or aim to complete a project for work or school, our mini quizzes and practice exam can confirm your ethics and morals knowledge in a short period of time.

Introduction to Ethics & Morals - Chapter Summary

Whether you're studying ethics and morals for the first time or want to refresh your current understanding, this chapter can help! Our instructors closely examine a variety of concepts, including moral standing, moral agency and moral relationships. Study entertaining lessons whenever and wherever your schedule permits, thanks to 24/7 computer and mobile access. If you need to clarify details presented in the lessons, feel free to submit your questions to our subject-matter experts. Our short quizzes and practice exam can assess your comprehension of the lessons and ensure you're ready to do the following:

  • Differentiate between values, morals and ethics
  • Share examples of morality
  • List and describe basic principles of morality
  • Discuss the qualities and scope of moral standing
  • Describe moral relations and how they are maintained
  • Exhibit knowledge of the nature of persons, moral character and personhood

6 Lessons in Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethics & Morals
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What Are Values, Morals & Ethics?

1. What Are Values, Morals & Ethics?

In this lesson, learn the differences between ethics and morals. Consider how these terms can mean different things to philosophers compared with the general public and how values factor into the conversation.

What is Morality? - Definition, Principles & Examples

2. What is Morality? - Definition, Principles & Examples

As a society, we try to teach our children the difference between 'right' and 'wrong.' What we are teaching them is really just basic morality. Read on to learn the definition of morality, examine some of its principles, and look at some examples.

The Basic Principles of Morality

3. The Basic Principles of Morality

This lesson discusses the basic tenets of morality and highlights the six principles of the Moral Foundations Theory and how they are universally accepted.

Moral Standing: Qualities & Scope

4. Moral Standing: Qualities & Scope

This lesson explains the concept of moral standing. Using modern examples and history, it also defines the terms anthropocentrism, sentiocentrism, and biocentrism.

Moral Relations: Friendship, Loyalty & Fidelity

5. Moral Relations: Friendship, Loyalty & Fidelity

Our lives are full of interactions with other people and those interactions often rely on some form of relationship. In this lesson, explore the idea of moral relations and discover how these are maintained. Then, test your understanding with a brief quiz.

Moral Agency: Nature of Persons, Moral Character & Personhood

6. Moral Agency: Nature of Persons, Moral Character & Personhood

How do you know that you're a person? Is it because you're human? This lesson explores this question as it delves into the nature of persons debate, the meaning of moral agency, and the idea of moral character.

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