Ch 1: Introduction to Flipped Classrooms

About This Chapter

This chapter provides simple resources for teachers who want to learn how to flip their classrooms. Access these lessons to improve your flipped classroom knowledge and see how you can design your own flipped classroom.

Introduction to Flipped Classrooms - Chapter Summary

If you're thinking about flipping your classroom, take a look at this chapter to introduce yourself to the basics of flipped instruction. This convenient teacher resource chapter breaks down flipped classroom models and the benefits of flipped classrooms. You'll also take a look at the steps that are needed for planning and implementing this type of classroom.

You can access this series of bite-sized lessons on any computer or mobile device. This online format allows you to review the fundamentals of flipped classrooms at home, at school or when you're on the go. You can reinforce your understanding of the flipped classroom topics by taking the accompanying self-assessment quizzes.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: You'll become more familiar with flipped classroom models, benefits and learning outcomes.
  • Offers flipped classroom strategies: The lessons offer instructions for planning and implementing a flipped classroom.
  • Compares flipped classroom pros and cons: The chapter provides insight into some of the advantages and disadvantages of flipped classrooms, which can help you adapt your flipped instruction.

Skills Covered

When you're finished with the chapter, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the components of a flipped classroom model
  • Identify the pillars of flipped learning
  • Evaluate the roles of teachers and students in flipped classrooms
  • Assess the pros and cons of flipped classrooms
  • Promote positive learning outcomes in a flipped classroom
  • Plan and implement a flipped classroom

6 Lessons in Chapter 1: Introduction to Flipped Classrooms
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Flipped Classroom: Definition & Model

1. Flipped Classroom: Definition & Model

This lesson provides an overview of the flipped classroom phenomenon. We look at the model, why it works and what it takes to implement a flipped classroom.

The Four Pillars of Flipped Learning

2. The Four Pillars of Flipped Learning

What if students did the work, and we, as teachers, simply provided the content? This dream can become a reality if you flip your classroom. Read on to learn about the four pillars of flipped learning.

Roles in a Flipped Classroom: Teachers & Students

3. Roles in a Flipped Classroom: Teachers & Students

Have you heard of flipping the classroom? This new method of teaching promotes student engagement and responsibility. Read on to learn about flipped classrooms and the roles students and teachers take in this flexible learning environment.

Flipped Classrooms: Benefits, Strengths & Weaknesses

4. Flipped Classrooms: Benefits, Strengths & Weaknesses

A new trend in education is the use of flipped classroom models of instruction. While it can be very beneficial to students, teachers, and school districts, it is not a perfect model and can carry significant weaknesses.

Encouraging Positive Learning Outcomes in Flipped Classrooms

5. Encouraging Positive Learning Outcomes in Flipped Classrooms

What can teachers do to encourage positive learning outcomes in a flipped classroom? Find out some example learning outcomes and strategies for success in a flipped classroom environment.

Planning & Implementing a Flipped Classroom

6. Planning & Implementing a Flipped Classroom

Are you sick of giving lectures when no one pays attention? It might be time to try a flipped classroom. Learn how to plan and implement a flipped classroom, and then assess your knowledge with a quiz.

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