Ch 1: Introduction to Geology

About This Chapter

Watch science video lessons and learn about the scientific method, Earth subsystems and more. Test your knowledge of introductory geology concepts with self-assessment quizzes.

Introduction to Geology - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

Watch the video lessons included in this chapter to learn what, exactly, geologists study and why. Experienced instructors can show you the processes and best practices for conducting research in the field or in the lab and help you discover the systems approach used to explain interactions between the Earth's land, water, atmosphere and living creatures. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define geology and identify its various branches
  • List and explain steps in the scientific method
  • Describe Earth's subsystems and cycles

Video Objective
The Main Branches of Geology Describes the main branches of geology and explains their areas of focus.
The Scientific Method: Steps, Terms & Examples Describes the basic model of how science works in the field and in the laboratory. Lesson content also outlines key stages in this method, including the formulation and testing of a hypothesis. The significance of feedback loops, creativity, intuition and collaboration in scientific discovery is covered as well.
Understanding the Systems Approach to Geology Explains what is meant by a systems approach to geology and uses the concept of cycles to explain how these various systems interact.
Earth's 4 Major Geological Subsystems Identifies four major subsystems of the Earth: lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere.

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