Ch 1: Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

About This Chapter

Take a look at this chapter to get an overview of industrial/organizational psychology. Our short, easy-to-follow lessons are designed by expert instructors and make getting ready for an exam or catching up in class easy and enjoyable.

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology - Chapter Summary

This chapter is a great way to get up speed on the fundamentals of industrial/organizational psychology. You'll cover topics including the influence of behavioral sciences on organizational behavior and the history of industrial/organizational psychology. Our user-friendly and self-paced lessons take the stress out of studying, and if you have any questions our expert instructors are here to help. All of our learning materials are available 24 hours a day on your computer or mobile device, so you can organize your study time more conveniently. After finishing these lessons, you should be prepared to:

  • Outline how psychology relates to organizational behavior
  • Discuss Walter Dill Scott's contributions to industrial/organizational psychology
  • Identify the subfields of industrial/organizational psychology
  • Explain how power, politics and influence relate to industrial/organizational psychology
  • Detail how industrial/organizational psychology relates to globalization

7 Lessons in Chapter 1: Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
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Behavioral Sciences that Impact and Influence Organizational Behavior

1. Behavioral Sciences that Impact and Influence Organizational Behavior

The major behavioral science disciplines that have contributed to the development of organizational behavior are psychology, sociology, anthropology, management and medicine. In this lesson, you'll learn about how these behavioral sciences have influenced the development of organizational behavior.

Organizational Behavior & Psychology

2. Organizational Behavior & Psychology

In this lesson, you will explore the field of organizational behavior and its relation to psychology, including goals and research methods. Then, test your understanding with a brief quiz.

What Is Industrial Organizational Psychology? - Definition, History & Topics

3. What Is Industrial Organizational Psychology? - Definition, History & Topics

Industrial/Organizational Psychology takes the scientific study of human behavior and applies it to the workplace to increase employee, employer and consumer satisfaction. This lesson explains the history and current practices of the field and tests your understanding with a brief quiz.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology: History, Movement & Walter Dill Scott

4. Industrial-Organizational Psychology: History, Movement & Walter Dill Scott

Businesses use psychological principles everyday. This lesson offers an overview of industrial-organizational psychology and the principle players in its foundation, an extended discussion on Walter Dill Scott, and a section on the IO psychology movement.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Definition & Subfields

5. Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Definition & Subfields

The following lesson describes the field of psychology that focuses on the interactions that take place in the working world. This field is also known as industrial-organizational psychology.

Influence, Power & Politics in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

6. Influence, Power & Politics in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

After reading this lesson, you'll understand the concepts of influence, power, and politics in I/O psychology and learn how they impact environmental and performance factors within an organization.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Globalization

7. Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Globalization

In this lesson, we discuss the roles globalization and industrial/organizational psychology play in business. We learn about the importance of cultural diversity in the work force and the need for cross-cultural awareness in today's business world.

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