Ch 1: Introduction to Weather and Climate

About This Chapter

Get an introduction to weather and climate through these brief and engaging video lessons. Test your knowledge of key concepts with self-assessment quizzes.

Introduction to Weather and Climate - Chapter Summary and Learning Objectives

This chapter starts off by defining weather and climate before delving into lessons on the major components and structure of Earth's atmosphere. You'll learn the ratio of nitrogen to oxygen in the atmosphere and discover that around 99% of Earth's atmospheric mass lies below an altitude of 20 miles or so. You'll also explore how human activity is increasing concentrations of greenhouse gasses to levels that are trapping too much heat and increasing global temperatures. These fun and comprehensive lessons are led by experienced and professional instructors.

After watching the video lessons in this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Explain how weather and climate are different but related.
  • Discuss the makeup of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Describe how ozone protects us from harmful UV radiation.
  • Differentiate among layers of the Earth's atmosphere.

Weather vs. Climate: Definition, Differences & EffectsCompare and contrast climate and weather.
Major Components of the AtmosphereIdentify the major components of the atmosphere, including nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide, as well as variable components, such as water vapor, aerosols and ozone. Describe the effect of CFCs on ozone depletion.
The Structure of the AtmosphereDescribe the vertical division of the atmosphere based on temperature.

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