Ch 1: ISTEP+ Grade 8 ELA: Literature Types & Genres

About This Chapter

Help your students learn how to identify the various types and genres of literature in preparation for the ISTEP+ Grade 8 ELA exam with the lessons in this study guide chapter. Each instructive video provides descriptions and examples of each literary genre in an easy-to-understand format.

ISTEP+ Grade 8 ELA: Literature Types & Genres - Chapter Summary

Because there are so many types and genres of literature, they can be easily confused and forgotten. Help your students refresh their knowledge of each genre with this comprehensive study guide chapter so they can adequately prepare for these types of questions on the ISTEP+ Grade 8 ELA exam. The types of literature covered in these lessons include:

  • Characteristics of the main literary genres
  • Differences between fable, folktale, myth and legend
  • Overview of the autobiography genre
  • Examples of period, subject, enumerative and annotated bibliographies
  • Exploration of folk and didactic literature
  • Description of various forms of essays, including informative and evaluative essays
  • Determining the purpose of a text

After thoroughly reviewing the information presented in each lesson, assess how well your students understand the material by having them take the brief lesson quizzes and chapter exam. For hard-copy study material, full video transcripts and lesson quiz worksheets are available as part of the study guide course. As always, instructors are also available to answer any questions and provide clarification, if needed.

13 Lessons in Chapter 1: ISTEP+ Grade 8 ELA: Literature Types & Genres
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Literary Genres: Definition, Types, Characteristics & Examples

1. Literary Genres: Definition, Types, Characteristics & Examples

In this lesson, you will learn what is meant by the term genre. In addition, the main types of literary genres will be described, with examples given for each.

The Fable, Folktale, Myth, Legend: Differences and Examples

2. The Fable, Folktale, Myth, Legend: Differences and Examples

In this lesson, learn about fables, folktales, myths and legends, stories that entertain and serve instructive or educational purposes. Discover how these types of stories differ from one another and about their prevalence throughout the world.

Autobiography: Definition & Examples

3. Autobiography: Definition & Examples

This lesson examines the genre of nonfiction. Specifically, you will learn how an autobiography is nonfiction, with examples illustrating the concepts.

Period Bibliography: Definition & Examples

4. Period Bibliography: Definition & Examples

Find out what period bibliographies are, how they're different from other types of bibliographies, and how they're useful. Read the lesson, and then take a brief quiz to test your new knowledge.

Subject Bibliography: Definition & Examples

5. Subject Bibliography: Definition & Examples

Find out what a subject bibliography is and how it can be useful to your research essay or project. Learn what goes into a subject bibliography, then take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Enumerative Bibliography: Definition & Examples

6. Enumerative Bibliography: Definition & Examples

A bibliography is a listing of sources of information on a topic. There are a few different types of bibliographies, but the enumerative bibliography is one of the most commonly used. Let's take a closer look.

Annotated Bibliography: Definition & Examples

7. Annotated Bibliography: Definition & Examples

Learn what annotated bibliographies are and how they're used in the research process. In this lesson, we'll discuss what it means to annotate and what to include in annotated bibliographies for research essays and projects.

Folk Literature: Definition & Books

8. Folk Literature: Definition & Books

From China to Israel to the United States, folk literature exists wherever there are humans to tell stories or to sing songs. Come hear more about these pieces of oral heritage and encounter some examples of the genre that you're sure to recognize!

Didactic Literature: Definition & Examples

9. Didactic Literature: Definition & Examples

This lesson discusses didactic literature and goes over examples of this type of writing. Learn the definition, history, and a few literary examples of this enlightening genre!

Essay: Writing & Examples

10. Essay: Writing & Examples

What is an essay? An essay is a piece of nonfiction writing that expresses various genres or styles of prose depending on the subject, content, purpose, and audience of the particular piece.

Informative Essay: Definition, Examples & Structure

11. Informative Essay: Definition, Examples & Structure

There are many ways to inform your reader on a topic, from comparing and contrasting to providing a simple definition. Watch this lesson to learn about informative essays and how they educate readers through different formats.

Evaluative Essay: Examples, Format & Characteristics

12. Evaluative Essay: Examples, Format & Characteristics

A good evaluative essay helps a writer present an opinion using criteria and evidence. Learn all about the evaluative essay and its components in this lesson.

How to Analyze the Purpose of a Text

13. How to Analyze the Purpose of a Text

In this lesson, we will learn how to analyze the purpose of a text. We will explore some of the primary purposes and practice determining purpose using some writing samples.

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