Ch 16: Italian Architectural Structures

About This Chapter

Use the short lessons in this online chapter to improve your knowledge of various Italian architectural structures for an exam or class assignment. Check your comprehension as you study by taking mini quizzes and a chapter exam.

Italian Architectural Structures - Chapter Summary

Studying and understanding Italian architectural structures is simple using this chapter's learning resources. Our engaging lessons provide in-depth examinations of the Florence Cathedral, Pitti Palace, Sforza Castle and more. Gauge your knowledge of these structures by taking our multiple-choice quizzes and practice chapter exam. Any questions you develop while reviewing the lessons can be submitted to our experts. By the end of this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the history and architecture of the Arch of Constantine
  • Share facts about the Capitoline Hill and explain its history and architecture
  • Describe the design and construction of Brunelleschi's Dome of the Florence Cathedral
  • Provide details about the interior, facade and doors of the Florence Cathedral
  • Detail the history, architecture and interior of the Milan Cathedral
  • List and describe the museums of the Pitti Palace
  • Explain the history of the Sforza Castle

9 Lessons in Chapter 16: Italian Architectural Structures
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Arch of Constantine: Architecture & History

1. Arch of Constantine: Architecture & History

How do you celebrate a great victory? In ancient Rome, people built triumphant arches. In this lesson, explore the history and architecture of the Arch of Constantine.

Capitoline Hill: History, Architecture & Facts

2. Capitoline Hill: History, Architecture & Facts

What makes Capitoline Hill the most famous hill in Rome? Learn about its rich history including ancient temples, and explore its Renaissance era public squares and monuments.

Florence Cathedral Dome & Brunelleschi: Design & Construction

3. Florence Cathedral Dome & Brunelleschi: Design & Construction

In this lesson, discover the marvelous dome of Florence Cathedral. Learn about the main characteristics of the design and construction of this architectural masterpiece, and the life and work of its creator Filippo Brunelleschi.

Florence Cathedral Interior

4. Florence Cathedral Interior

Florence was a city of wealth built on the textile trade. In order to show the greatness of the city, a cathedral was built that would rival the churches of Siena and Pisa, both archrivals of Florence. This lesson will explore the interior of Florence Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and its artistic history.

Florence Cathedral: Facade & Doors

5. Florence Cathedral: Facade & Doors

The Florence Cathedral is an internationally recognized symbol of Italian pride, but it wasn't always so well designed. In this lesson, we'll explore the history behind the facade, and see why it took so long to complete.

Milan Cathedral: Architecture & Interior

6. Milan Cathedral: Architecture & Interior

Explore the architecture of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Learn about its gradual design and construction, unique features and stunning interior.

Milan Cathedral: History & Facts

7. Milan Cathedral: History & Facts

In Northern Italy is the city of Milan, home to one of Europe's most breathtaking cathedrals. In this lesson, we'll explore the history and design of the Duomo di Milano, and see how its long construction impacted its final appearance.

Pitti Palace: History & Museums

8. Pitti Palace: History & Museums

The Pitti Palace exists today as the largest museum complex in Florence but it started life as the overly ambitious palace of Luca Pitti, a Florentine banker. The Medici family played a role in creating the building we know today.

Sforza Castle: History & Facts

9. Sforza Castle: History & Facts

When talking about European castles, Italian castles merit their own category. In this lesson, we'll explore the Sforza Castle and see how it truly represented the full complexity of Renaissance life.

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