Ch 2: Key Customer Service Skills & Strategies

About This Chapter

In order to retain customers, prevent liability issues and encourage good practices, customer service representatives should be trained in preventing and handling problems. These lessons discuss several customer service skills and strategies, such as how to understand customer behavior and resolve conflicts.

Key Customer Service Skills & Strategies - Chapter Summary

This chapter's lessons examine the information and skills your customer service representatives should possess. Your employees can explore:

  • Ways to understand customers and personalize your approach to customer service
  • Strategies for retaining customers, such as over delivering
  • Methods of increasing productivity through goal setting
  • How to tackle customer service problems
  • Maintaining standard operating procedures

These lessons use plenty of examples that can help your employees understand and develop effective customer service techniques. Lesson quizzes and chapter exams test their comprehension of key topics, and a comprehensive final exam verifies understanding of important points from the entire course.

How It Helps

  • Emphasizes understanding: Employees can learn to analyze the customer's state of mind and apply basic concepts of behavioral psychology to reach an agreement.
  • Generates repeat business: Well-trained customer service representatives know the techniques to keep customers happy and coming back.
  • Develops problem-solving skills:By understanding and utilizing the concepts in this chapter, employees can learn to prevent and defuse problematic situations with customers.
  • Standardizes customer service procedures: Good customer service involves getting everyone on the same page in regards to your organization's practices. Both customers and employees can benefit if there are standard policies for various procedures.

Skills Covered

After studying these lessons, employees will be able to:

  • Analyze how to personalize service to meet the customer's particular needs
  • Use persuasive techniques and positive language to keep customers satisfied
  • Handle a variety of challenges related to customer service
  • Understand your organization's standard procedures regarding customer service

5 Lessons in Chapter 2: Key Customer Service Skills & Strategies
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How to Personalize Customer Service

1. How to Personalize Customer Service

Customer service always sends a message when the service itself is personalized from the efforts of the employee, which usually improves sales. Learn more about customer service experience, using empathy, body language, and providing personalized attention in sales.

Strategies for Generating Repeat Business & Increasing Productivity

2. Strategies for Generating Repeat Business & Increasing Productivity

Generating repeat clientele sales and increasing productivity can happen after investment in learning about adequate strategic movements in business. Learn more about repeat customer importance, how to make purchasing accessible, and how to send target emails.

How to Handle Challenges in Customer Service

3. How to Handle Challenges in Customer Service

Customer service is a good and reliable career but challenges can arise which can be helped by using strategy and diffusion. Learn about handling challenges in the service industry, job descriptions, prevention and how to know when help is needed.

Practical Application: Dealing with Customer Service Challenges

4. Practical Application: Dealing with Customer Service Challenges

People in direct customer service roles will always face challenging situations and customers. However, by using best practices, excellent customer service is possible even under less than ideal conditions.

The Importance of a Standard Operating Procedure in Customer Service

5. The Importance of a Standard Operating Procedure in Customer Service

Creating consistency in customer service while serving a range of clients can be achieved by applying standard operating procedures. Learn more about standard operating procedures, creating consistency, procedure manuals and building service skills.

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